Are you planning your next vacation to China? If yes, we have great news for you. In this article, we will show you the best travel insurance to buy before you go on your trip to China.

As you already know since April 1st this year, Malaysia has transitioned to the endemic phase of Covid-19. All travel restrictions are now lifted and you have the freedom to go on vacations with your family. This is great news for Malaysians especially since the never-ending MCO (Movement Control Order) was in effect throughout the last 2 years. Let’s take a look at some of the best travel insurance to protect your trip to China.

What are the Covid travel requirements to China?

There are Covid travel requirements when you travel to China. Visitors must present a Green Health Code OR a Green Health Declaration. You can read the full requirements here.

Documents needed to apply Health Code:

  1. Electronic versions of the two (2) negative RT-PCR test with the nucleic acid test certificate with a verifiable QR code:

    1. within 48 hours before departure date

    2. within 24 hours before departure date

  2. Electronic version of the flight itinerary to China

  3. Proof of vaccination (if any)

  4. Valid international travel document information page

Do I Need Travel Insurance To Visit China?

Yes and no. Unlike Singapore, where you need to have a travel insurance that covers medical expenses if you fall sick, China does not require you to have a travel insurance.

However, we strongly recommend you to buy travel insurance to protect you from unexpected expenses due to Covid-19. Here are some additional reasons why you need travel insurance especially during this pandemic.

  1. Covid-19 Coverage
    Even if you are fully vaccinated, there is a very high chance that you get sick from Covid-19 today. You will require hospital care if your symptoms become severe. If you do not require hospital care, you will be required to quarantine. This will cost you more money especially when you extend your stay in the hotel during your quarantine period.

  2. Cancellation Risk
    You will be forced to cancel your trip on short notice if you get sick from Covid-19 before you go on the trip. There is a chance of this happening even if you are fully vaccinated. Therefore, it’s important to get travel insurance so that you will get reimbursed if you need to postpone your trip. If you decide to cancel your trip without travel insurance, you will waste every single cent that your paid. Not all travel insurance cover cancellation due to Covid. Have a careful look out: Good travel insurance will also provide cancellation protection for covid.

Top travel insurance products for China?

Below is a list of table showing some of the insurance products that are available. To make it a fair comparison, we are comparing the travel insurance products for a 42 year old person who is travelling to China for 14 days.

There are several companies that offer travel insurance to China. In the table below, you will see a comparison of 5 insurance products with different prices and coverage.

The table is arranged from cheapest to most expensive.

Cheapest travel insurance to China

If you see from the table below, the cheapest is Berjaya Sompo Elite B priced at RM70.00 while the most expensive is Etiqa Platinum priced at RM90.89.

Comparing the most expensive and the cheapest, there is a big difference. As you can see, just by comparing insurance products, you will save RM20.89 which is a saving of about 23%.

Is Cheapest = Best?

The cheapest does not always mean its the best. As you can see from the table above, Berjaya Sompo Elite B only offers a medical coverage of RM300,000 while Etiqa Platinum offers a medical coverage of RM500,000. Among other difference also in the travel delay, cancellation, death or permanent disability and Covid-19 coverage.

As you can see, there is a big difference in terms of benefits when you buy Etiqa Platinum instead of Berjaya Sompo Elite B.

Is Most Expensive = Best?

As we saw Etiqa Platinum has a lot of benefits. Does it mean that it’s the best? This is also not necessarily true. As you can see, from the table below, we will now be comparing the most expensive product (Etiqa platinum) to another product (Berjaya Sompo Elite A) which is slightly cheaper.

Both products have the same medical coverage and losses/damages to baggage coverage. However, if you notice, Etiqa does not come with Covid-19 coverage. If you want Covid-19 protection, it comes at an extra cost which will be more than RM90.89. On the other hand, Berjaya Sompo Elite A comes with Covid-19 coverage and is RM8.14 cheaper. That is a saving of 8.9%.

What is the best travel for insurance for a trip to China?

As you can already tell, the best travel insurance for a trip to China goes to Berjaya Sompo (Elite A). This plan is worth every single cent of your money as it is among the highest medical coverage RM500k, offers losses or damages to baggage up to RM5k and inclusive of Covid-19 coverage.

How iBanding can help you choose the best Travel Insurance?

Introducing you the iBanding Travel Insurance grading system. To help you select the insurance with the best coverage, we have introduced the iBanding Grading system. Our benchmark for a good travel insurance product is as follows:

  • Medical Expenses: RM200k

  • Baggage Loss: RM5k

  • Baggage Delay: RM800

  • Travel Delay: RM3k

  • Travel Cancellation: RM15k

  • Missed Departure: RM1k

  • Missed Connection: RM200

  • Covid Cancellation: RM5k

  • Covid Medical Coverage: RM200k

  • Covid Evacuation: RM200k

If the insurance product fulfills all those requirement the product gets the highest grade which is A+. Insurance products that do not cover most of the minimum requirement will get a D grade.

Summary: You should compare travel insurance with iBanding!

As you can see from the comparison above comparing travel insurance before you buy will help save a lot of money. It is very important to compare before you buy travel insurance. Buying the cheapest or the most expensive travel insurance does not always guarantee that you are buying the best.

Besides that, you will also get to know the best travel insurance companies when you compare travel insurance through the iBanding travel insurance grading system. This way, you will not waste your money paying for a travel insurance product that is not good.