In Malaysia there are over thousands of different workshops that help you repair your car, make oil changes, change tires and many more. But when it comes to an accident, all workshops are not the same. Premier panel workshop are introduced in Malaysia and they can make a difference in your experience when you have an accident.

When making a claim going to a Panel Workshops is important!

It is important that you go only to a specific repair workshop that is authorized by your insurance company. They are called Panel Workshops. This is similar to Panel Hospitals. When you get sick you go to the hospital your insurance company has listed as a Panel Hospital.

Panel workshops are the repair shops that your insurance company has approved for repairs. Going to a panel workshop will not only make the whole process of getting your car fixed faster, it will also give you the certainty that the repair workshop will provide better service than others. Insurance companies review each year the workshops and ensure that a certain minimum quality standard is met.


Panel workshops need to be authorized by PIAM


As of July 5th, 2018 there are only 631 workshops that have met a high quality standard set by PIAM. Those workshops can claim that they are under the PIAM Approved Repairers Scheme (PARS). PIAM stands for Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia and is the General Insurance Association of Malaysia.

The main goal of the scheme is to “enhance the standard of service, quality and professionalism of workshops involved in the repair of accident vehicles”.

PARS authorized Panel workshops offer several benefits that other non-authorized repair workshops might not offer:

  • 6 months warranty on workmanship on the repaired vehicle
  • Cashless repair
  • Faster processing and approval by insurance companies
  • a channel for complaints, if you are not happy with the service

Etiqa aims high and wants to settle all claims in 30 minutes

Under its nationwide initiative to settle claims within 30 minutes, Etiqa has created a special awarded for repair workshops that reach a high service standard for repair and customer service. Etiqa also has empowered those workshops with special authorities to help settle claims faster for customers. Etiqa is calling those workshops Premier Etiqa Panel Repairer (EPAR) and you can recognize them by their special logo and signage.

Etiqa has one of the largest lists of panel workshops throughout the country, but the Premier workshops stand out with their better repair facilities, higher quality standard and faster repair time. Premier workshop can process larger damages much faster than standard workshops, because insurance companies provide them with higher fast-track limit. For example, this can mean sending an adjuster for on-site inspection is not needed.

At the time of writing 46 panel workshops have been awarded with the Premier EPAR. Many more workshops are improving to also get that prestigious title.

How to recognize a Premier Etiqa Workshop?

Etiqa has published the list of workshops on their webpage.You can find a Etiqa Premier workshop also on our directory for panel workshops in Malaysia.

Etiqa Premier logo helps customer understand which workshop provide the highest standards.

Exclusive Etiqa Signage given out to the Best workshops in the country.

Premier workshops are a great improvement for Malaysian drivers. It makes it to Malaysian consumer transparent which repair workshops have excellent repair facilities and are able to repair damages faster than others. The best part:  As a car owner, you do not pay more when you bring your car to a Premier workshop. It is that great.

Looking for the Best Panel Workshop near you?

Eitqa Premier Workshops near you:

Etiqa Premier Workshops

Other Panel Workshops near you

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Premier Panel Workshops are the Best in Malaysia

So remember, next time when you have a car damage, check with your insurance company if they have Premier workshops? Etiqa Insurance and Takaful has and you can find the list of all Premier workshops here. At the time of writing, Etiqa has 46 Premier workshops throughout Malaysia.