In this article, we explain on Etiqa’s NEW add-on : Maintain Like New. This add-on is offered in the Motor Insurance and Motor Takaful plans.

Getting into an accident is very frustrating. Having a good insurance policy that takes care of accident claims efficiently is something that everyone wants. We often worry if our wrecked car will be repaired properly after an accident. A problem faced by many road users who have been involved in an accident is that, their cars may not be long-lasting after the repair. Even though the car is fixed, it will be less durable over time because of the effects of the damage.

The only way to solve this problem is to use brand new spare parts as replacement instead of a second-hand one. When your mechanic uses brand new spare parts in the car repair, the car is deemed to be better than it was before the accident. Let us explain how the Maintain Like New add-on can help solve this problem.

What Is The Maintain Like New Add-On?

With the Maintain Like New add-on, you will get to replace accident-damaged parts with brand new parts at no additional cost. In addition, you will also be eligible to get your whole car repainted, and not just the damaged area. Here are some examples:

Example 1 : Body Part Damaged

You own a 6 year old Honda Civic and got into an accident.

  • Rear bumper is crushed from the accident

  • Left side door has a huge dent due to the accident

  • Car paint is scrapped off

With the Maintain Like New add-on, the panel workshop mechanic will replace a brand new rear bumper and a brand new side door for you. The mechanic will NOT use any second hand bumpers or doors to repair your car. In addition, the mechanic will also repaint your whole car instead of only repainting your rear bumper and side door which was repaired.

Example 2 : Engine Part Damaged

You own a 7 year old Toyota Vios and got into an accident.

  • Gearbox is damaged due to accident

  • Clutch pads are damaged due to accident

With the Maintain Like New add-on, the panel workshop mechanic will replace a brand new gearbox and clutch pads for you. The mechanic will NOT use any second-hand gearbox or second-hand clutch pads to repair your car.

Who Is Eligible For This Add-On?

The table shows an overview of who is eligible and not eligible for the add-on depending on the age of your car. Take a quick look.

Is Maintain Like New similar to Waiver Of Betterment?

Both of these add-ons are somewhat similar. However, there is one very notable difference between both these add-ons.

The ‘Waiver of Betterment’ add-on is only available by some insurance companies in Malaysia. This add-on does not include a whole car repaint after the repair work. You will most likely only get the affected area repainted. As a result, only the affected part of your car might appear new due to the coat of paint.

Is The Maintain Like New Worth It?

In short, yes. Let us explain why.

Using second-hand parts will most likely make your car weaker compared to using brand new spare parts. In most cases, second-hand parts will be worn out by the time they need to be used on your car. This causes your car to be weaker as the parts may not last that long. With the ‘Maintain Like New’ add-on, you will get brand new spare parts during the repair work. In addition, you will also get a whole car repaint instead of just the repaired area. So, your car will appear new because of the new coat of paint. This guarantees that your car will be in good condition after the repair. In most cases, the condition of the car might be even better than before the accident repair work started.

Therefore, it is our opinion that it is a worthwhile add-on. In fact, it is a must-have for those who can afford it, because it can save the you a lot of stress and hassle after an accident.