Calling All Agents

Welcome to your Directory

Agents, did you know that there is an online directory specifically for Malaysian Insurance and Takaful agents? That is right, it has been created by iBanding and it is open to all registered agents in Malaysia.

Why register?

Because every day, numerous prospects come on the directory to search for an AGENT NEAR THEM. With the help of the Agent Directory, Malaysians are now able to search for a reliable insurance agent online within a minute. They no longer have to rely on the recommendation of friends and family.

…Why miss out on the opportunity to gain more clients?   

It comes with many benefits and most of all it’s free. There is nothing to lose!

Need more reasons to sign up?

symbol-checkFree listing – It is free advertising

symbol-checkIndependent – We do not belong to any insurance company, agency or broker

symbol-checkOnline brand development – Build and improve your online presence

symbol-checkTrust based rating system – The directory provides a 5-star rating system where customers can rate and review agents for their excellent service. This helps build prospects’ trust and confidence.

symbol-checkHelp during detariffication – A strong online presence will better prepare you for Detariffication in Malaysia.

Register today and be a part of the iBanding community.