Are you planning to travel during Covid-19? With the Malaysian borders now open, you must be planning your dream vacation. Nowadays, you can get Covid anytime and anywhere, which can ruin your dream vacation and cost you a lot of money. It is important to prepare for any kind uncertainty of being infected with Covid-19 even before your vacations starts or during your vacation. This is why we have come up with the 3 Must DOs to protect your vacation from a Covid-19 disaster which may end your trip.

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3 Must DOs For Your Travel During Covid-19

Must DO #1: Check entry requirements for your destination

Even before you start your flight, you need to make sure that you prepare and fulfil the Covid-19 test and vaccination requirements. The airline will check if you fulfil the requirements before you can board the plane for your vacation. If you do not fulfil the requirements or test positive before your flight, you will need to cancel your vacation.

Here is a list of pre-departure requirements for travel during Covid-19 to some of the most popular countries.

Must DO #2: Buy travel insurance

What happens if you test positive shortly before your flight? The airline will refuse to allow you to start your trip and you will need to cancel or reschedule your vacation. This can be expensive. Travel insurance will pay for your flight cancellation or reschedule. This is only one of the many benefits that travel insurance provides. During your trip, travel insurance will also pay for your medical bills when you have Covid abroad.

Must DO #3: Compare travel insurance

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