Thank you letter

Adline Ong - Insurance Agent

by Adeline Ong

Today I am writing this article to thank all of my current clients and special thanks for those who have make their effort to rate my service in iBanding. I also wants to thank all those strangers who searching me online for inquiries. I strongly believe that insurance is something that you can’t just buy online unless you have some insurance knowledge and understand about the terms and conditions of insurance policies.

The whole picture of which is the best insurer to choose, is not all about the pricing itself. From the company agents’ knowledge, the plans that suits you, underwriting process, payments, policy documents, customer service and finally to the claims process. Those are the elements determined which is the better insurer or policy for you.

Agents are better equipped not only with insurance knowledge but also the technicality of insurance products. We will also educate you about the wrong perception you have towards insurance during face to face meeting and during any communication even before the sales has been done. You may think that after you get some free information from agent and you opt to buy online direct at the end is to save your cost.

However, if you are buying direct online, you also need to seek help online or call the toll free number for any of your needs about the policy you purchased. Unfortunately, there is no agent to help you. You may need to travel to insurance company few trips before you submit the whole set of documents. Or you want to appeal for a claim that was denied. It is very difficult for agents to help you, when you bought the policy online because agents cannot access your information even though you have bought from the same company as the agent. Agents also won’t know what you have bought and what you have declared when you bought the policy. What was your intention of coverage when you bought the policy? It happens to many that what they have bought is not the coverage they are looking for. Those arguments may drag all your time and energy and the saving on your premium usually cannot compensate for it. That is the opportunity cost that you need to pay.

All agents are also busy serving their own clients. It is the agent’s duty and responsibility to service their own clients after earning the commission from insurer. To attend to clients need and changes along the way. Insurance is not one-off products which you buy and warranty expires in three months or one year’s time. Of course there is usually a few rotten apples among the industry. This happened not only in insurance industry, but it happens to all industries. Be wise when you select your agent and when you are searching for your insurance needs.

Lastly, I want to thank all parties who make my success in my insurance career for the past 19 years. From strangers to prospects, from prospects to clients, from clients to referrals, from clients and referrals to family. We no longer have only agent-client relationship but more to family. (Some clients follow me through since day 1, since I am in the insurance industry). Special thanks to Ms. Tan Whai Pheng. She has guided, educated, motivated and encouraged me. Thank you to all office business supports, admins, even despatch boys and of course the creative top management. Special thanks to iBanding which created Malaysia’ 1st insurance agents directory. Thanks to all who have contributed to my success as an insurance agent.


Adeline Ong

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