It is important to think about your family and how your family is protected during this crisis.This week Malaysian takaful company, Hong Leong MSIG Takaful has launched a new family protection plan called HLM Takaful i-Heritage Protector. It is takaful product which is an insurance that follows shariah laws to protect your family.

The HLM Takaful i-Heritage Protector offers high coverage with flexibility to tailor your plan according to your needs. The unique feature of this plan is the Ihsan allowance which provides RM2000 per month for 5 months by just submitting the death certificate of the person covered. Our purpose is to offer some financial relief to the beneficiary while we work quickly and efficiently in paying out the full benefits.

Other key features of the HLM Takaful i-Heritage Protector are:

  • Increasing Takaful protection of up to 150% of the Basic Sum Covered;
  • An additional 100% of the Current Basic Sum Covered for accidental death; and
  • An additional 200% of the Current Basic Sum Covered for death whilst performing Hajj & Umrah

What is HLM Takaful i-Heritage Protector?

HLM Takaful i-Heritage Protector is an ordinary family takaful protection plan which provides increasing coverage for death, additional coverage for accidental death, additional coverage for death during Hajj & Umrah as well as Ihsan Allowance. The Account Value (value of the Participant’s Account (PA)) will be payable at the end of the coverage term if no death claim has been made.

How does the Ihsan Allowance protect your family?

The Ihsan Allowance will be payable on a monthly basis for five (5) months. The first RM2,000 will be payable upon receiving the burial/death certificate of the Person Covered. The next RM2,000 will be payable until we receive the complete claims documentation. The remaining Ihsan Allowance will be payable in one lump sum once the death claim has been approved. This benefit is aimed to reduce the financial burden for performing funeral services as it often takes time to receive a full claim payment.

Find more information on Hong Leong MSIG Takaful webpage or read the brochure here:  Brochure – HLM Takaful i-Heritage Protector