Yesterday, iBanding had the great opportunity to attend the Press Release announcement of Policystreet, an insurance technology company. In the newly established co-working space Dojo KL, Policystreet has invited the press to announce its newly formed partnership with Allianz Malaysia Berhad. The co-founding Team of Policystreet, Yen Ming, Winnie and Wilson have done an amazing job in putting it together.

Zakri Mohd Khir, Group Chief Executive Officer as well as CEO of Allianz General Insurance took the stage to say a few words about the partnership: “In re-engineering the way we do business – being digital-centric and service oriented – Allianz is investing in digital strategies and deploying solutions that respond to industry challenges and take advantage of opportunities to reshape and improve the insurance business.”

Zakri further emphasized that insurance is a serious business and that insurance professionals remain important to educate Malaysians about insurance products. Because of the complex nature of insurance, Allianz will focus on working with digital intermediaries to provide online solutions. Policystreet is the first start-up to launch the digital version of intermediaries for Allianz.

Afterwards, Lee Yen Ming, Chief Executive Officer of PolicyStreet took the stage and said: “We are excited and honored to partner with the leading insurer in Malaysia. By integrating with Allianz, we are now able to offer convenience and flexibility.”

If you are looking for a great deal on travel insurance, Policystreet is offering up to 50% discount on Allianz travel insurance products. Offer is valid until April 30th, 2018.