Have you heard about the road tax renewal exemption during the current pandemic? Find out what it is and how it impacts you.

It is important to renew your car insurance on time to avoid hassle and save money. We advise you not to wait too long, because you may not be able to renew online if your policy is older than 30 days. You may have to walk in to renew your car insurance because the insurance company will need to confirm that your car has not been into any accident during the inactive period.

Renewing late cost more money

Many insurance companies do not offer online renewal when you insurance is expired. This means you cannot renew online anymore and will lose the 10% online discount.

Renewing late is more work

Many insurance companies require you to take picture of your car or bring the car to a workshop before renewing your insurance. Insurance companies do this to check that the car does not have any existing damages. In the past, many people have made an accident and then only bought insurance to make a claim to the insurance company.

Below is the full statement released by the Ministry of Transport :

According to the recent announcement from the Malaysian Transport Ministry, there will be an extension period of 2 months for renewing road tax . If your road tax expires between 1st February until 31st March 2021, you will have to renew it within 60 days from 1st April until 31st May 2021 onwards. If your roadtax expires between 1st April until 31st May 2021, you will have to renew it within 60 days from 1st June until 31st July 2021 onwards.

How does Road Tax Exemption impact me?

If your road tax has expired between February 1st and May 31st,2021, then you have 60 more days to renew. You can still drive around with your expired road tax, but you must have valid insurance.


  • Road tax expired February 1st, 2021 -> Last day to renew is April 2nd,2021
  • Road tax expired April 18th,2021 – >Last day to renew is June 17th,2021

If your car insurance has already expired, you have three ways to renew your car insurance. Read more in our article “Car insurance expired? Lapsed Policy?”

Has your car insurance expired? Lapsed policy?