Malaysian Travel Insurance Award 2024

Malaysian Travel Insurance Award 2024

What is the Malaysian Travel Insurance Award ?

The Malaysian Travel Insurance Award, inspired by the pioneering approach of the Malaysian Motor Insurance and Takaful Award, was established to extend the same principles of transparency and customer feedback to the realm of travel insurance. Launched as a natural extension of Asia’s first independent motor insurance and takaful awards inaugurated in 2016, this award similarly relies on direct customer feedback to honor excellence within the travel insurance industry.

Annually, iBanding conducts a comprehensive online survey inviting Malaysian travelers to share their experiences with their travel insurance providers. The feedback collected forms the foundation of an annual ranking, highlighting the top performers in the travel insurance sector. The Malaysian Travel Insurance Award celebrates these companies, aiming to guide consumers in making informed decisions when selecting a travel insurance provider.

Unlike other awards where placements can be influenced by payments or subjective selections by a panel, the Malaysian Travel Insurance Award stands out for its integrity and objectivity. Leveraging actual customer reviews and employing a sophisticated statistical model, iBanding ensures that the results are impartial and truly reflective of the Malaysian consumer’s perspective. This approach mirrors the consumer-driven insights provided by platforms like or TripAdvisor, but is uniquely focused on Malaysia’s travel insurance landscape, offering a clear and unbiased view on which companies deliver the best service and coverage to their clients. By drawing on the successful methodology applied to the Motor Insurance and Takaful Award, iBanding continues to empower Malaysian consumers with reliable, neutral information to compare and choose the best travel insurance options available.

Malaysian Travel Insurance Award Winner

Winner and Rank #1: 

Tune Travel Insurance


Generali Travel Insurance


Tune Protect Travel Easy

Tune Protect Travel Insurance has emerged as the best travel insurance in Malaysia, a testament to its comprehensive coverage, innovative offerings, and exceptional customer service. Recently, it has gained recognition for adapting swiftly to the changing travel landscape, particularly in response to the global pandemic. Tune Protect introduced enhanced policies that cover COVID-19 related incidents, setting a new standard for travel insurance in the country. This responsiveness to customer needs, coupled with its user-friendly online platform for easy policy management and claims processing, has solidified its position as a leader in the market. Furthermore, its accolades in recent industry awards highlight its commitment to excellence and innovation in providing travelers with peace of mind. Tune Protect’s dedication to ensuring travelers’ safety and satisfaction, backed by positive customer feedback and industry recognition, underscores why it stands out as the best travel insurance provider in Malaysia.

Recent News on Tune Protect

Goodwill Payouts: In a notable move towards customer support, Tune Protect offered unilateral goodwill payouts to affected MyAirline passengers, demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction beyond the standard coverage. This initiative provides relief to travelers facing cancellations, reinforcing Tune Protect’s position as a customer-centric insurer​​. Read More

Innovative Products: The launch of the newly enhanced AirAsia Comprehensive Travel PLUS, in collaboration with AirAsia, features practical additions like Cashless Hospital Admission services. Commencing in October 2023, this innovative feature streamlines the process for travelers seeking medical assistance abroad, highlighting Tune Protect’s focus on enhancing user experience and safety​​​​. Read More


Hear from satisfied customers who’ve experienced the peace of mind that comes with our award-winning travel insurance providers.


Generali Tavel Online Insurance

Generali Travel Online stands out as an exceptional provider in Malaysia’s travel insurance landscape, securing its position as the runner-up with its comprehensive coverage options and customer-centric services. This recognition underscores Generali’s commitment to delivering high-quality insurance products that cater to the diverse needs of modern travelers. With a focus on convenience, Generali Travel Online offers seamless online policy management and claims processing, ensuring travelers have easy access to support whenever they need it. Their tailored insurance solutions, which include unique benefits and competitive pricing, reflect a deep understanding of travelers’ concerns and preferences. Generali’s dedication to providing reliable and accessible travel protection solutions has solidified its reputation among Malaysian travelers, making it a top choice for those seeking peace of mind on their journeys.

Recent News on Generali Traveli Insurance Online

Insurance Asia Award 2023: Generali Malaysia’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, as it has been honored with the International General Insurer of the Year – Malaysia award for the 8th consecutive year at the Insurance Asia Awards 2023. This record win underscores Generali’s exceptional service and product offerings, further establishing its reputation as a leading general insurer in the country​​. Read More

Best Travel Insurance Ranking 2023/2024
  1. Tune Travel Insurance: AirAsia for Travel Insurance
  2. Generali Travel Insurance: Global Network and Enhanced Coverage
  3. Berjaya Travel Insurance: Comprehensive Protection
  4. Etiqa Travel Insurance: Flexibility and Comprehensive Coverage
  5. Tokio Marine Travel Insurance: Reliability and Tailored Protection

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What is iBanding’s Motor Insurance Award (MIA)?

The Motor Insurance Award (MIA) is an annual award organized by iBanding an independent insurance education website. The Award is given out to the Best Motor Insurance and Takaful companies voted by Malaysians.

Roho, explains: “Our reports and rankings help Malaysians to understand better the quality of service that companies provide. In today’s age with so much information at our fingertips, it is not a secret anymore whether a company offers excellent or bad service. Malaysians freely write and share exceptional customer experience to help their friends and families to enjoy the same benefits. On the other hand, if they experience bad service, consumers are also quick to share it on social media to help others from making the same mistake. Our iBanding’s survey and model captures that experience independently and summarises it in a ranking so that every Malaysian can benefit from that information. “

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Why is the Motor Insurance and Takaful Award important? How does it help?

Since the start of the Motor Detariffication or also known as “Liberalization of the Motor Insurance Tariff”, insurance companies are allowed to set their own prices for their motor insurance products, unlike the previous system where all prices were controlled by Bank Negara. With more and more insurance companies starting to charge different prices for their products, it has become increasingly important for Malaysians to compare not only the price for their motor insurance policies but also the quality offered by different companies.

Everyone can check the prices for insurance online now. Over 10 companies offer online quotation. You can find the latest list of insurance here.

However it is difficult to compare the service quality between the insurance companies. iBanding conducts the Motor Insurance Survey every year identify how good the customer service and claims service levels are. The best company in each category conventional insurance and takaful are awarded with the Motor Insurance Award.

Our Motor Insurance Award is not a recommendation to buy. Instead, it offers a guidance on which insurance or takaful company has provided the best service to the Malaysian that participated in the survey. This year over 8,600 Malaysians participate.

How does the ranking work? How are the winners selected?

Our rigorous selection process involves evaluating customer feedback, coverage options, ease of claim process, and overall value. Our goal is to recognize companies that go above and beyond in serving their customers, inspired by the standards we’ve set with the Malaysian Motor Insurance Award.

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