We are launching our annual 2018/19 Motor Insurance and Takaful Survey to find Malaysia’s Best Car Insurance and Takaful company. In the next 4 months Malaysian drivers can fill out a survey to share their experience with insurance companies. Every week, we give out Cash Prizes and at the end of the campaign we will raffle away smart phone to all the participants. Terms & Conditions apply.

Why is the Motor Insurance Survey important?

Malaysia has over 20 car insurance and takaful companies that each provide different prices and quality of service. This is similar like hotels. Some hotels cost more, but provide 5 star service. Some hotels are low-budget, but provide less services to the customer and only have 1-2 stars. Our independent math model shows you which insurance company provide 5 star service to the customer and can cost more.

This year you can win weekly prizes of cash and a grand prize of either an iPhone 8 or Samsung S9. You choose.

Check out our page about past winners and prizes here. 

4th Annual Motor Insurance Survey

This year is the 4th time that iBanding is running the Motor Insurance Survey. Last year Etiqa Takaful and Takaful Malaysia won the Award for Best Takaful company. Etiqa won the Best Car Insurance Award for conventional insurance.


How is the ranking and award independent and different from other awards?

The ranking and awards are based on actual feedback from thousands of Malaysians that have a valid motor insurance. This is important, because only if you drive a car and have insurance, you can have experience with your car insurance. The survey is not a popularity contest, in which the company with the most vote wins. Through scientifically proven questions, the actual customer experience of drivers are captured to rank the insurance companies against each other.

Advantages of iBanding’s Car Insurance and Takaful Ranking

  • Ranking is based on customer experience, not popularity vote
  • Winners are selected by an independent math model, not from a panel of paid judges
  • Survey is not sponsored by insurance companies

How to particpate?

Step 1:
Fill out the survey

Click on the link to start filling out the survey. They survey has 10-15 questions and can be filled out in less than 5 minutes.

Step 2:
Confirm your email

You will get an email to verify your email address. This is important to make sure that your entry is valid.

Step 3:
Share for extra chances

You will get an individual Lucky URL that you can share with your friends to increase your chances of winning. Every time a friend fills out the survey with your Lucky URL you get 3 extra tickets to win the grand prize.

Have questions? Leave us a comment below