We have updated our homepage with the launch of the new Malaysian Insurance Guide to Medical Card. Now you can access the most popular guides directly from our homepage. Over the past months, thousands of Malaysians have read the article and constantly provide us with feedbacks about their insurance. Learn from their experience and read our top guides on insurance in Malaysia.

Find the cheapest Medical Cards in Malaysia. Learn about Standalone and Rider insurance. Know the importance of “Guaranteed Renewal” before you buy your next medical card.

Everyone that drives a car or a motorcycle is required to purchase a valid motor insurance in Malaysia. Since the detariffication of motor insurance in 2017, insurance companies are now offering motor insurance at varying prices and many of them offer insurance online. Find out which insurance companies offer car insurance and road tax online in our Ultimate Guide to Malaysian Car Insurance.

There are over 20 insurance companies that sell motorcycle and car insurance in Malaysia. Some insurance companies are better than others. The prices and level of services offered may vary. Over 8,600 Malaysian shared with us their experiences with their motor insurance providers and which are the Best Car Insurance Companies in Malaysia in 2018. 

We hope these 3 guides will help you make better decisions when considering for your next insurance plan. Have a question about insurance? Leave us a message in the comment section below.