The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has stated that all summons would have a 70% discount starting from August 18 to September 16, 2021.

The discount is in conjunction with Malaysia’s 64th Independence Day celebrations which is themed as “Malaysia Prihatin”. JPJ claims that this offer is an effort to reduce the financial burden of the Malaysian people, who have been affected by the economic crisis as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many people who have lost jobs and lives in battling this pandemic.

Who Is Eligible For The 70 Percent Discount ?

JPJ announced that all summons issued to road users, including blacklisted summons, are eligible for the 70% discount. However, if you are blacklisted, you must appear in person at a JPJ office (any branch or headquarters) to complete the paperwork process before you proceed to pay off the summons with the discount.

Who Is NOT Eligible For Discount ?

Summons involving an arrest warrant or a trial will strictly be not eligible for 70% discount. This discount is only valid for all active summons and compounds that road users received before September 16, 2021.

Where To Settle The Summonses ?

The summons can be paid and processed at

  • Any JPJ office or branch
  • Any Urban Transformation Center (UTC) outlets, kiosks
  • Online through the JPJ’s mySIKAP official website.

This generous effort by JPJ might help reduce the financial burden of the people in many ways. There are families who are in desperate need for money and cannot afford to pay much to settle their summons. Even though the 70% discount may seem like a small gesture, it is a great help to someone who is financially desperate during these times. If you have an unsettled summons, this offer is a great opportunity to settle it and save money. Hurry and take advantage of this opportunity by September 16, 2021.