The Malaysian Transport Ministry (JPJ) last announced about the extension of deadline for roadtax renewal last year. This was great news to all road users in Malaysia as many people were financially affected due to the pandemic. How about this year? Are there any exemptions in 2022 for roadtax renewal? The simple answer is no.

Do I need to renew roadtax in 2022?

This is totally up to you and you can decide for yourself. Here are two situations to consider.

  • If you own a car and you use it, then yes.

    • You need to have a valid roadtax. There is no more exemptions given by JPJ to extend the deadline for roadtax renewal. If you drive without a valid roadtax, you will get pulled over and charged a fine by the law enforcement officers. However, note that your roadtax will be backdated following your car insurance active period. By renewing late, it does not help you save money.

  • If you own a car and do not drive it and plan to not drive it, then no.

    • You do not need to have insurance and road tax. Only when you choose to start using the car, you will need to buy insurance and road tax. You will save money on insurance and road tax while you do not use your car.

Where can I renew roadtax?

JPJ encourages road users to renew online using the MySikap JPJ or MyEG portal. However, if you are in a hurry, you also have the option to renew over the counter at any JPJ or Pos Malaysia outlets. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with them or walk in directly to the office.

Conclusion: Should I renew roadtax in 2022?

It depends. If you drive your car, it is always best to renew roadtax on time since there are no more exemptions given by JPJ. However, if you do not drive your car, then we advice you not to renew your roadtax and motor insurance. That way, you will save money for the period that your car is not driven.