You may have heard of Bjak to renew your car insurance. But do you know if Bjak really is cheaper? Have you done a comparison?

Compare and save money

It is easy to save almost a hundred ringgit a year on car insurance, yet most drivers stay with their existing insurance provider and pay far more than they should.

The mistake most drivers make is not taking the simple step of looking around for the cheapest motor insurance. Instead, drivers just accept the insurer’s renewal quote, mainly because they feel satisfied that the amount quoted is less than what they paid the previous year. It helps to compare prices.

Comparing motor insurance prices can be a difficult task. Most of the time people are confused about which insurance company to choose and which is the cheapest.

You may have heard of Bjak for what they do. However, we would like to show you that Bjak is not necessarily the cheapest and why iBanding is a better option.

Example Comparison

Below is a comparison from a driver buying comprehensive insurance or full coverage for a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI. The driver has a clean driving record, earning a “55%” NCD. The driver’s car is valued at RM38,000. Takaful Malaysia was selected for both these comparisons. The image on the left shows the comparison generated from while the image on the right shows the comparison generated from

Bjak vs. iBanding

In both the comparisons from Bjak and iBanding, the basic premium cost the same which is RM1,235.80 and the No Claim Discount (NCD) is also the same at 55%. This gives a base contribution or gross premium of RM556.11 from both comparison platforms.

The only difference between these two comparisons is the rebate. Insurance companies usually give a 10% rebate when you purchase insurance online. According to the comparison from iBanding there is a 10% rebate of RM55.61 given by the insurance company while there is no rebate shown in the comparison from Bjak.

This small difference changes everything. With a rebate, you will enjoy also lower SST charges. As it can be seen the SST in Bjak’s comparison is RM33.37 while the SST in iBanding’s comparison is only RM30.03.

In total, you save almost RM59 when you use iBanding.

When you use Bjak, you are not buying directly from the insurance company because you buy insurance through Bjak. When you use iBanding to compare, you are buying directly from the insurance company of your choice.

Compare the url below : and

Cashback With iBanding

On top of that, you will also receive RM10 cashbacks when you purchase motor insurance with iBanding’s special link. These cashbacks can range from RM10 up to RM150. As you can see below, the driver immediately receives a notification to get additional cashback when they renew their motor insurance. It is important to renew using the special link that iBanding provides you in order to receive the cashbacks.

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Summary: iBanding is RM69 cheaper than Bjak

This simple example shows that buying the same car insurance from Takaful Malaysia iBanding is RM59 cheaper than Bjak. Together with the RM10 cashback you save RM69 when you renew on iBanding’s webpage. Try it out for yourself and compare prices with iBanding and Bjak.