One of iBanding’s goals is to increase the awareness of insurance and helping Malaysians to buy the right insurance for them. In our opinion, one of the most important insurance plans to have is Medical Insurance or Medical Card. And for a limited time, iBanding is offering RM 40 cash back if you buy Medical Insurance NOW. Term and conditions apply.


AXA eMedic Medical Card

Malaysia’s First Medical Insurance that can be bought directly online.

Check Price and Buy now. 

In April this year, AXA’s eMedic launched Malaysia’s First Online Medical Insurance. Since its launch, AXA eMedic has received a lot of attention from the public and people within the insurance industry. The unique features is that it is very cheap and provides a plan that almost every Malaysian can afford. Here are the other key features that we like about the product.

  • Low premium
  • Can be bought online with instant approval
  • No medical check-up needed
  • Offers different plans with Annual Limit up to RM 100,000
  • No Lifetime limit
  • Guaranteed renewal up to the age of 80

Read more about on our product page about AXA’s Medical Card.

Why is it so cheap?

The medical insurance from AXA is so cheap, because of three reasons:

  1. It is offered online, so there are no middlemen like a bank or an agent involved.
  2. The highest plan only pays up to RM 100,000, so the cover is lower than other medical plans.
  3. It is targeted for the younger generation up to 39 years old.

Get RM 40 from us to help you buy Medical Insurance

If you do not have Medical Insurance and are looking to buy insurance, consider buying now. As part of our effort to increase insurance awareness and help Malaysians get better insured, iBanding is giving out Cash Voucher of RM 40 when you buy AXA eMedic now. If you use the link below, we offer RM 40 Cash voucher to the first 100 buyers. Just send us the policy number using this online form “Application for RM 40 Cash Back“. To learn more about the Cash Back, read our Terms and Conditions below.

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Promotion has ended on July 31st, 2018.

Have more questions?

As much as we love that insurance companies offer medical insurance/card online, we want you to be sure before you make your purchases online. You can learn more about medical and health insurance on our blog iBanding’s Medical/Health blog or talk to a professional insurance agent. To find the nearest agent, check out our Insurance Agent Directory.

*Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion is valid until midnight, Malaysia time, July 31st, 2018
  2. To apply for Cash Back, submit online form with valid policy number before the deadline.
  3. Only valid for purchases made through
  4. AXA eMedic policy must be valid for two months before cash back is paid out.
  5. Cash back is given out only to the first 100 eligible customers.
  6. iBanding reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at anytime and exclude customers from the Cash Back Promotion, if manipulation or fraud is detected.
  7. Please forward all queries to