Participate in the research survey and get iBanding Reward

iBanding is conducting an industry research to study the impact of Telematics Insurance on Road Safety in Malaysia. Our believe is that Telematics insurance speeds up the road safety in Malaysia and reduce the number of road deaths to level of developed countries.

To track the driving behavior of Malaysians, we invite Malaysian drivers who buy a telematics insurance to participate in the Telematics survey.

How to participate and get iBanding Reward RM 20?

Step 1

Use our link to Buy Telematics Insurance

  • Axa FlexiDrive Telematics – Buy Online Now
  • Allianz Telematics – pending
  • Etiqa Telematics – pending
  • Etiqa Takaful Telematics – pending

Step 2

Fill out online form

Fill out the online form here and submit your application for the iBanding Reward. Have your covernote for your telematics insurance ready.

Start Telematics Research Survey

Step 3

Wait for approval and receive the iBanding Reward

After 5-7 business days you will get an email saying that your RM 20 is approved, if all your details are correct.

For bank transfer, you will get another form to provide you with your bank details.
For coupon, we will use the mailing address on your Insurance Certificate

Who sells telematics insurance in Malaysia?

LogoCompany NameTechnology
StartedProduct NameHow to buy?
AXA Affin GeneralCSEJuly 2017FlexiDriveBuy Online Now
AllianzKatsanaPending-Coming soon
Etiqa InsuranceKatsanaPending-Coming soon
Etiqa TakafulKatsanaPending-Coming soon

(Update: September 2018)

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