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Insurance Agents Directory – help you find the best agent

We are an independent research company offering our service to Malaysian consumers and agents. We do not sell insurance and we do not take commission when agent sell insurance. This helps us provide you with the most independent and neutral directory of agents.

Agents can provide key information about themselves

Any agent can sign-up for FREE on our directory. Agents can provide key information about themselves in our directory, so that you can decide on your own if this agent is good for you.

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When agent register on our website, we ask them about their location and put them into different categories based on their knowledge and service offering, so that you can easily search and filter for the right agent.

We allow customers to Review & Rate our listed agents

Malaysia has over 37,000 registered general insurance agents and over 80,000 registered life insurance agents. In this large number of agents, there are naturally good and bad agents. To help you find the right agent for you, we allow customers to provide Review & Ratings about their agents.

We give feeback to agents

Sometimes agents do not know if a customers is unsatisfied or the service that was provided is not good.

Insurance Companies Directory

Overview of Malaysian Insurance Companies

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Insurance Companies Directory – help you find the best insurance company

For each insurance company, you can find out what others think and how they rate their services and products. Similar to Amazon, eBay, Tripadvisor and other popular websites, we provide you with review and ratings from customers.

Example of customer review and rating by Amazon

Example of customer review and rating by Amazon

We provide an overview of all insurance companies

Our insurance directory shows you the insurance companies that sell insurance in Malaysia. The official list can be found on the Bank Negara Malaysia website that you can find here. There are four main types of insurance policies that companies can sell, however, not all companies are allowed to sell all of the four types of insurance. This is why we have created four categories in our directory.

  1. General – This includes conventional insurance products like Car, Motorcycle, Fire, Travel insurances, etc.
  2. Life – This includes conventional life insurance products such as Term Life, Unit- Linked, medical insurances, etc.
  3. General Takaful – Sells the same products as General, however, the insurance follows Shariah law
  4. Life Takaful  – Sells the same products as Life, however, they follows Shariah law

For many Malaysians, it is important to buy Takaful insurance, because it is as according to their belief as the policies follow the rules of the the Islamic laws. Thus, Takaful insurance is listed first. However, Takaful can be very interesting not just due to religious principles, but also because the way the insurance is built, it can be more financially rewarding.

We show key information about insurer

For each insurance company, we will display some key information, for example, the branch size or number of agents, which might help you determine one that suits you best. We are constantly improving the information and as time progress you will find more information here.

We show you what customer think

For each insurance company, we have compiled Ratings and Reviews from actual customers. The rating is done on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (with 1 indicating poor and 5 represents excellent service) while the reviews will give you some insight to the reason(s) why the customers have rated them the way they did. We do not check the reviews, therefore please exercise discretion and independent judgement when in your decision making. We would also like to urge customers to be truthful in giving out your rating and reviews.

You can tell us what you think

Now, you might have bought insurance from a company and would like to share your view with others. Awesome!
SHARE THE GOOD – If you are really happy about the product and service you have received, write a good review and give it 5 stars. This will encourage others in buying from the same company.

SHARE THE BAD – If you are really unhappy about the service and/ or product received, or if you felt cheated and the company is not doing anything to resolve your issue, share it with the rest of us! The more we know, the better we can help prevent others from having to go through similar experience, and help the rest of us make better decisions.