Today was an eventful day for us at iBanding. After spending months organizing our Motor Insurance Award survey last year, our team worked hard at sorting out all the responses that we had received from the public. Finally today, we have our winners.

I had the honor of presenting the Malaysian Motor Takaful Award 2016 to Syarikat Takaful Malaysia. In front of the senior management team of Takaful Malaysia, I handed the first award to Dato’ Sri Mohamed Hassan Kamil. The event celebrates the end of our hard work to find out which Insurance company is best in Malaysia.

iBanding’s Motor Insurance Award, the first of its kind in Asia

It was not an easy feat. Many awards are sponsored by big companies hence one may wonder if this award is truly independent. To answer this question, we can proudly say that we did not have a sponsor, because we wanted to avoid any conflict of interest that may arise. We wanted to be 100% un-biased. Other awards are based on a panel of judges or experts that cast their votes for which insurance company is best. The Asia Insurance Industry Award is one of them, where a panel of 30 judges select the winners. The judges have a set of criteria to rate the insurance firms in determining the winners.

iBanding’s Motor Insurance Award is different as we use actual customers’ experience in selecting the winners. This selection is based on their opinion and personal experience with their motor insurance companies. We believe that this award is more meaningful to the actual users, in this case, Malaysian drivers. Based on the responses of 2,600 Malaysians, we can confidently say that Syarikat Takaful Malaysia has earned the title of “Best Motor Takaful Company” in Malaysia. Congratulations!

We at iBanding are truly grateful for all the responses that we received from the public. The survey conducted in 2016 generated an overwhelming response. It is our hope that this year’s campaign will see an even larger turn out so that we can include even more experience of actual drivers into our findings. Join us in our next Motor Insurance Survey to determine the best motor insurance company in 2017. You can learn more about the full results on our Motor Insurance Award 2016 page.

Luke Roho
Co-founder, iBanding