The Malaysian government has announced that flood discount vouchers will be provided to all car owners who are victims of flood damaged cars. This is an initiative to help reduce the financial burden faced by them.

Malaysia has been hit by massive floods last December. As a result, about 50,000 cars were estimated to be damaged and stranded. To repair a flood damaged car, it can cost anywhere between RM1,000 to RM20,000 depending on the type of car. If you have flood protection in your insurance coverage, then your insurance company will cover the repair cost.

However, it is estimated that 95% of Malaysians do not have flood protection and are not aware of it. This means that a majority of Malaysian have to pay for the repair cost of their flood damaged cars on their own.

Who Is This Voucher For ?

This is an initiative of the Malaysian government called the “Keluarga Malaysia Automotive Discount Voucher”. This voucher of RM1,000 will be available to all car owners who have flood damaged cars. Car owners can use this voucher to cover part of the repair cost for their flood damaged car. Alternatively, they can also use this voucher to cover part of the cost for a car replacement if their car is deemed ‘total loss’.

How Can I Claim The Voucher ?

Flood affected car owners do not need to make any application for the discount vouchers. Follow the steps below to ensure that you get the flood discount voucher. About 1,800 car service centers and workshops across Malaysia have signed up to join the Keluarga Malaysia Automotive Discount Voucher initiative.

Step 1:
Walk-in to any registered service center or an authorised automotive dealer. You can refer to the list below on all the automotive companies that are participating in this initiative :
1. Proton, Perodua
2. Tan Chong Motors (Nissan)
3. UMW Toyota Motor
4. Honda Malaysia
5. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia
6. Volvo Car Malaysia
7. TC Euro Cars (Renault)
8. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia
9. BMW Malaysia
10. Sime Darby Motor Group (Ford, Hyundai etc)
11. Bermaz (Mazda, Peugeot, and Kia)
12. Motor Image (Subaru)
13. Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia

Step 2:
Meet with a service personnel at the car service center or automotive dealer to request for this voucher. A service technician will then examine your car and confirm if it has been damaged due to the flood. You will be informed if your car is eligible for the voucher.

Step 3:
If you are eligible, the service center/automotive company will directly credit the RM1,000 voucher to your car repair invoice. You will receive an invoice from your service center/automotive company showing that RM1,000 has been deducted from your total car repair cost.

Is There A Deadline To Claim This Voucher ?

Yes. There is a deadline to claim this voucher. Flood damaged car owners can start claiming this voucher from now until 31st March 2022 only. After this period, car owners cannot claim this voucher even though they have a flood damaged car.


If you do not have flood protection in your insurance coverage and have a flood damaged car, make sure that you are quick to claim this voucher. The Keluarga Malaysia Automotive Discount Voucher is a good initiative to help reduce the burden of Malaysians who are affected by the flood. Even though the voucher value of RM1,000 is not sufficient to cover the full repair cost of your car, it will still be helpful to reduce your financial burden in a small way.