Who is Malaysia’s Best Motor Insurance Company?

Who is the best motor insurance company?

Be the judge and decide who is the Best !

Thousands of Malaysian’s have voted who the best insurance company is in Malaysia.

Take the survey now and decide which insurance company will be named the Best Motor Insurance Company in Malaysia.


How does it work?

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What can you expect?

Find the Best Motor Insurance Company in Malaysia

We will show you who You have selected as the Best Motor Insurance Company in Malaysia. We will give you detailed report by company of what other people have said.

Knowing this, you can make the decision with what insurance company to renew your policy. Let’s compare and choose the Best Motor Insurance Company for you.

Customer Satisfaction

Best Motor Insurance Company
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Who are we?

We are an independent company that studies the Malaysian insurance market. We conduct anonymous online survey with customers to find out how good and bad the service is of those companies. Malaysia has over 30 motor insurance companies that offer similar prizes for motor insurance. When prizes are almost the same, it becomes important how good the service is of the company. We want to find out for each of the 30+ companies:

  1. How good is the company in providing you with information before you buy?
  2. How well does the company service you when you have bought the insurance?
  3. How easy is it to reach the company, when an accident happened?
  4. How easy and quickly is the company in handling a claim?

Knowing the answers to the above questions, we can share with everyone who the Best Motor Insurance Company is in Malaysia, so you can make the Best decision on getting the best.