Are you a Grab Driver or plan to become a Grab driver? Then you know already that Grab is pushing you to buy car insurance from specific insurance companies because Grab has special agreements with those companies. In this article, you will learn if you should buy Daily E-Hailing Insurance or your Yearly E-Hailing Insurance.

Grab Daily E-Hail Insurance

When you drive as a Grab driver, you have two ways to purchase insurance. The first one is to buy insurance as and when you are a Grab Driver. When you decide to drive Grab, you can pay between RM 1-2 for the insurance. It is a bit like on-demand. When you are not driving, you do not pay extra for insurance. But when you plan to drive, you will pay RM 2 for the Grab insurance only. Here is a list of insurance companies that offer Grab insurance on demand. When you have bought insurance from the companies, you can buy the Grab insurance on-demand.

  • Berjaya Sompo (online 10% discount)
  • Etiqa Takaful (online 10% discount)
  • MSIG Malaysia (online)
  • Chubb
  • Allianz
  • AmAssurance
  • Kurnia
  • MPI Generali
  • Tokio Marine
  • RHB Insurance
  • Liberty Insurance
  • AXA Affin
  • Zurich
  • Zurich Takaful

Grab Annual / Yearly e-Hailing Insurance

Besides buying Grab insurance daily, you can also buy insurance as a Grab Driver yearly. This way, you do not need to buy it separately every time you drive for Grab. The yearly Grab insurance is also much cheaper if you are a full-time driver or you drive more than 120 days a year. The cheapest Grab annual insurance is provided by Berjaya Sompo, which costs about RM 240 per year. This is RM 0.66 per day and much less than the RM 2 that other insurance companies charge for on-demand insurance. In the list above, you find direct links to the three companies that offer car insurance online together with annual e-Hailing. When you buy car insurance online, you can save extra on your car insurance. To read about the best yearly Grab Car Insurance you can also check out our article:Best Car Insurance for Grab Drivers

Save with an annual plan

If you plan only to drive Grab once or twice a week, then Grab Daily E-Hailing insurance is the better and cheaper choice for you. If you drive Grab more than two times a week, then an annual Grab Insurance plan is cheaper. You can save over 70% on your car insurance compared to Daily E-Hailing insurance. Full-Time Grab Drivers will always save money on a yearly E-Hailing insurance plan than the daily. So if you are full-time Grab Driver, buy the yearly plan directly.