Wondering which medical insurance you should get for your family? Look no further. We will show you why the new eMedic Plus plan from AXA is the best you can get for yourself and your family. You will now enjoy a SPECIAL DISCOUNT when you get AXA eMedic Plus plan for you and your family!

What is AXA’s medical insurance for family?

AXA’s medical insurance plan is called eMedic Plus. It is now also available as a family plan, with a greater yearly limit of up to RM150,000 and many other improved benefits.

You have 4 plans to choose from according to your needs:

  • Plan 20: Yearly Limit of RM20,000 every year for hospitalisation

  • Plan 50: Yearly Limit of RM50,000 every year for hospitalisation

  • Plan 100: Yearly Limit of RM100,000 every year for hospitalisation

  • Plan 150: Yearly Limit of RM150,000 every year for hospitalisation

The only difference between the plans is the Yearly Limit. The other coverage benefits are exactly the same for all plans. The Yearly Limit will reset every year no matter how much is used the previous year.


If you have an eMedic Plus plan with yearly limit of RM100,000 and have already use RM30,000 for medical bills in the year 2022, your yearly limit will reset back to RM100,000 in the year 2023. This process will continue every year until you are 80 years old, when your coverage ends.

What are the benefits of the AXA eMedic Plus plan?

The eMedic Plus plan is now available with many improved benefits.

  • Get rewarded when you make no claims

    • If you make no claims for one year, you will be eligible for “No Claim Rewards” at the end of your insurance plan. The reward will be paid directly to you and not in any for of e-vouchers or cash vouchers.

  • Covers clinic visits for certain situations

    • The eMedic Plus plan also covers clinic visits for some situations. For example:

      • if you have bodily injury resulting from an accident (up to 3 clinic visits)

      • if you are undergoing consultations or diagnostic procedures before hospitalisation for any kind of illness (up to 3 clinic visits)

    • The eMedic Plus plan does not cover clinic visits for any common sickness like fever, cough or cold.

  • No medical checkup required before applying

    • No, medical checkup is not required when you buy the AXA eMedic plan. However, you have to answer a few health questions when purchasing online.

Why is AXA eMedic Plus the best for your family?

You will get 5% discount when you get the AXA eMedic Plus family plan. The eMedic Plus Family Plan allows you and your family members to be grouped together in a single medical insurance plan. You no longer have to purchase separate plans for your family members. The best part is, the family plan comes with a 5% DISCOUNT on total monthly payment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What illness does eMedic Plus cover?

eMedic Plus covers almost any illness, disease, medical condition or accident as long as it requires hospitalisation to a hospital.

What is not covered by eMedic Plus

eMedic Plus does not cover an illness or medical condition that you already have. It is called a pre-existing illnesses.

How long will eMedic Plus cover me?

eMedic provides coverage up to 80 years old.

Does eMedic Plus cover Critical Illness?

Yes, eMedic Plus covers hospitalisation/in-patient charges related to a Critical Illness

Does eMedic Plus cover Cancer?

Yes, eMedic Plus covers hospitalisation/in-patient charges related to Cancer.

Does eMedic cover kidney disease?

Yes, eMedic Plus covers hospitalisation/in-patient charges related to kidney disease

Conclusion: Should I get the AXA eMedic plan for my family?

Yes, you should definitely get the AXA eMedic plan for your family. Instead of separate plans and payments for each family member, you now have just one family package and monthly payment when you buy the AXA eMedic plus family plan. It’s easier to manage and even more affordable now since it comes with a 5% discount on your monthly payment.