Our avid readers who have been following our blog for some time would have realized by now how much focus we at ibanding.my have placed on the issue of motor detariffication in Malaysia. Implemented in July 2017, the move is set to change the motor insurance industry forever.

In our never ending pursuit in consumer education about insurance, iBanding’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mr Luke Roho has been invited as a guest writer to shed some lights on how to best take advantage of motor detariffication on a local esteem publication, Focus Malaysia this week.


Focus Malaysia: Use Motor Detariffication to Your Advantage


iBanding at Focus Malaysia

About Focus Malaysia:

Focus Malaysia is a business weekly that publishes news and analysis on issues relating to corporate affairs, small and medium enterprises, economics, personal wealth and current affairs. Led by a team of experienced editors and writers, the magazine offers in-depth coverage of topics relevant to business leaders as well as the man in the street.

Focus Malaysia was founded in 2012 and is now the largest circulating business magazine in its category (Audit Bureau of Circulation). The magazine provides specialist coverage of companies listed on Bursa Malaysia, property news, the role of small and medium-sized businesses, and personal wealth management issues. Focus Malaysia is also a platform for the discussion of macro-economic topics such as wealth distribution, sustainability and the impact of innovation and technology.