Takaful Malaysia has launched an easily accessible, fully underwritten online medical plan –  myClick Medicare. Most importantly, it is Malaysia’s First Takaful Medical Card that is offered online. The medical card is a standalone policy, so it is not linked to a life insurance plan.

Here are some of the key benefits of Takaful Malaysia’s myClick Medicare:

  • Malaysia’s only online Takaful medical card
  • Low online prices, because its is a standalone plan
  • 3 choices of annual limit of RM 50k, 75k and 100k
  • No Lifetime Limit
  • No medical examination
  • Up to 30% savings with deductible

Earlier this year, AXA Affin Life Insurance launched Malaysia’s first online medical card offering a simple and cheap medical insurance – AXA eMedic. We covered the key benefits on the Axa eMedic product page.

Back to Takaful Malaysia’s myClick Medicare, we decided to try out their platform to see how easy it is to obtain a quotation for medical insurance. We are also curious to find out how much this medical plan will cost and the coverage that it will offer. So for these reasons, we have used one of our employees here in the office as the test subject.

Our sample customer 22 years old, female

She is photo shy, so here only a mockup picture. 😉

Here are some information about her:

  • 22 years old
  • Non smoker
  • Very healthy (or so she claims)
  • Fresh grad

Getting a price for Takaful Malaysia’s myClick Medicare

Step 1: First things first, we went to Takaful Malaysia’s myClick Medicare page

First things first, we went to Takaful Malaysia’s myClick Medicare page. We selected if the insurance was for ourselves, spouse or for a child. In our case, we take the role of our employe and selected “MySelf”. After selecting it, we had to fill in the following information:

  • Name
  • IC number
  • Occupation
  • Email address
syarikat takaful malaysia

<click picture to enlarge>

Step 2: Choosing the plan

Next we were given a choice of plans to choose from. Takaful Malaysia myClick Medicare offers 3 types of plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

<click picture to enlarge>

The three plans are different on the limit for Room & Board and Annual Limit is. All three plan have No Lifetime limit or the lifetime limit is unlimited. To learn more about the important medical terms, check out our article “9 Things You Need To Know About Your Medical Card” . For our sample customer, we will choose the Gold plan with RM 100,000 Annual Limit. 

Below the plan difference in more detail.

Plan NameBronzeSilverGold
Annual LimitRM 50,000RM 75,000RM 100,000
RoomRM 100RM 150RM 200
Lifetime limitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Quick comparison to Axa eMedic

Quickly comparing the two products myClick Medicare and Axa eMedic, one of the main difference is that Axa eMedic offers RM 250 for Room & Board for all their plans. So even though you choose the lowest plan you still get RM 250 for Room & Board.

Also, the lowest plan for Axa eMedic is RM 20,000 annual limit compared to RM 50,000 for myClick Medicare.

Step 3: Choosing a deductible

After you have selected a plan, you choose the deductible for your plan here. Or alternatively you can choose zero, this means a plan with no deductible. Once you have chosen your plan, you’ll see how much the medical plan will cost you on the right hand side.

<click to enlarge picture>

What is deductible?

Deductible is the amount of money you have pay on your own before the insurance company will start paying for your medical cost. The higher the deductible, the cheaper the insurance. So if you do have money for emergency saved that can pay for the deductible, it is better to choose a plan with deductible to save on your insurance premium.

For example, if your deductible is RM 2,000 and your surgery is RM 20,000, then you will pay RM 2,000 and the insurance company will pay RM 18,000.

Takaful Malaysia is very transparent on the discount you get. If you choose a deductible of RM 1,000, you get a discount of 10%. If you choose a deductible of RM 2,000, you get a discount of 20% and so on.

  • Deductible RM 1,000 => 10% discount
  • Deductible RM 2,000 => 20% discount
  • Deductible RM 3,000 => 30% discount

For our sample customer we will chose no deductible, so that we do not have any discount on the insurance price.

Step 4: Providing Medical Information

Next we needed to provide personal and medical information about ourself or in this case about our sample customer. On the first screen the following information are requested

  • Insurance/ takaful history
  • Height and Weight
  • If, we are a smoker (if the answer is YES, more questions follow, such as what type – cigar, cigarette etc, and how many a day)
takaful malaysia myclick medicare

Medical related information

On the second screen, it is time to get serious. And why we say serious is that remember folks, full disclosure is required or it may result in problems, when you want to claim from the insurance company. Again, do not hide any medical history or pre-existing condition! You can read more about it in our article “The Dos and Don’ts of Medical and Health Insurance”.

<click to enlarge picture>

In total there are 13 questions that ask you about your own medical history, but also about your family. If you had one of those conditions, you will recognize the medical terms and know how to answer them. If you click YES to any of these questions, you will be prompted for more info related to that particular illness or disease.

Not sure how to answer? Ask for help!

If you do not know how to answer, you might want to consider contacting a professional insurance agent. A professional insurance agent helps you in two ways. First, the agent will help you select the right plan for your and your family. Second and most important, a good professional agent will help you, when have gotten sick and you need to file for an insurance claim. You can find professional agents near you with review and ratings on iBanding’s insurance agent directory. 

Step 5: Making Final confirmation

So since our sample customer is all healthy and has no medical condition in her family, we have answered with “No” to all medical questions. And then voila, we got our final quotation. So here’s our final chance to change our medical plan. If the quoted price seems to high, or too low for that matter, you are given the chance to change your plan to the left and the price will automatically be calculated on the right.

OK, so looks like our young, non-smoker member will have to pay RM 659.oo per year (or RM 54.92 per month) for her medical plan. To remind us, we have selected the Gold plan with RM 100,000 Annual Limit and RM 0 deductible. Let’s move on.

takaful malaysia myclick medicare

<click to enlarge picture>

Step 6: Providing Contact details

Before making payment, just need to fill in some contact details. Easy. Standard information like address and phone number.

takaful malaysia myclick medicare

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Step 7: Making Payment and important Fine Prints

Seeing that the entire process has been really simple and swift, it is easy to get excited and head straight for the credit card information. However, before we do so, we take a close look at the important fine prints.

takaful malaysia myclick medicare

<click picture to enlarge>

There are 4 important key points that the insurance company want you to understand, before you buy the insurance online. We will try to describe the fine print in different words, so hopefully it is easier to understand. If you do not understand them, please buy insurance through a professional insurance agent. You will not only save money in the long-term, but also much grievance, when a claims happens.

  • The insurance will pay only up to the annual limit. If our medical expenses in a year are higher than RM 100,000, then our sample customer has to pay the rest. (RM 100,000, because we are buying the Gold plan)
  • If our sample customer has a medical problem today (pre-condition) and now is getting the insurance, the insurance company will not pay for any of the medical expenses related to the existing medical problem.
  • If you make a claim in the first 30 days, after you have bought the insurance, the insurance company will not pay.
  • For certain illnesses, the insurance company will not pay for in the first 3 months (120 days).

From the above fine prints, you can easily understand, why it is important to get medical insurance early. You want to get medical insurance, when you are healthy, so that any illness or sickness will be covered under your insurance. Once you are sick and it becomes a medical condition and it will be harder to get insurance.

Now since we are certain that our sample customer has truthfully answered all questions and understands all the fine prints, we are ready to continue with the payment.


We love it! The webpage is simple enough to use even to the technologically-challenged customer. Although the insurance lingo can be a bit overwhelming especially to those who have no knowledge whatsoever about insurance, Takaful Malaysia has proven that it doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. In other words, the questions and steps are easy to understand. If you want to try it yourself head to myClick Medicare’s webpage. 

Takaful Malaysia is the second company to offer a medical insurance online and the first to offer Medical Takaful online. If you want to see a full list of all medical cards or medical insurance in Malysia, check out our “Ultimate Guide to Medical Cards in Malysia”. We have updated it with the Takaful Malaysia’s myClick Medicare.