Motor Insurance Survey

How often can I take the Survey?

Each year, you can participate in the survey once for every motor vehicle that is registered under you. We track your NRIC and vehicle number to ensure that no person will be counted double for the same motor vehicle.

What is the goal of the survey?

The goal of the survey is to determine the best motor insurance company  in Malaysia. Malaysia has over 30+ insurance companies from which one can buy Motor insurance. When investing in motor insurance, you might think it is not important to choose the best, because you only look for the cheapest. But when you have an accident that is when it counts to have the best insurance company, because the best insurance company will ensure you get the right medical treatment, get your car repaired quickly and pays you quickly. When you are in need you want to make sure you have the best. This survey will help you find the best insurance company in Malaysia and gives you the choice from whom to buy.

What will happen with my data?

We follow strict Data Protection Laws. The survey data will be used in a non-personalised manner to determine the best insurance company. This means that your responses are handled separately from your NRIC and vehicle number. We will not share your personal details with anyone else. Your responses will be analysed and used in an aggregated way, so that no one can tell what you specifically have responded.

We need the NRIC and vehicle number to

(1) check that you are from Malaysia, because only Malaysian can participate and

(2) prevent  people from cheating by signing up multiple times. We want to keep the competition fair.

When do I receive the survey result?

Each year, we run our survey to find the best insurance company for the year. This year the survey that will take place starting October to December 2017. The results will then be published by February 2018. To find out  the Best Motor Insurance company from 2016, click on the picture to the right Best motor insurance and takaful company in Malaysia for 2016

Who can participate in the survey?

Any person in Malaysia that has a valid NRIC and a vehicle number registered under their name. This is important to ensure all participants have valid experience with the insurance companies there are voting for.


How can I increase my chances of winning?

You can increase your chance of winning by getting your friends to fill out the survey with your Lucky URL. Once you fill out the survey, you will receive an Email from us with your Lucky URL. When your friend fills out the survey using your Lucky URL, you will get extra chances to win prizes.

What can I win?

We have run several different campaigns to reward you for filling out the survey. The prizes vary and can be viewed once you enter the first survey page. For example, one of our first prizes is an Apple iWatch. You can find a list of some of our past winners on our webpage.


How can I tell if I’ve successfully referred a friend to the Survey?

You will receive an email, once you friend has filled out the survey with your Lucky URL.