AXA General is helping Malaysians save on their motor insurance by offering an additional 5% discount on renewal during covid-19 times.

During the current crisis of covid-19 and MCO in effect it is important for Malaysians to look for ways to save money wherever possible. Car or motorcycle insurance are one of the few expenses that you cannot avoid paying. It is great to hear that AXA Affin General is offering an additional 5% discount on private car or motorcycle insurance who will renew between April 7th to April 30th.

5% extra motor discount during covid times

This discounts comes on top of the 10% online discount you can get, when you renew online through the link below. It can even get better if you chose to get AXA FlexiDrive.

AXA FlexiDrive gives you an additional opportunity to get 20% cashback, when you are a safe driver.

Up to 35% discount from your normal insurance 

If you combine all savings you can get almost 35% savings from your regular insurance, when you renew this month with AXA. 10% online discount and 5% extra covid discount on motor insurance are guaranteed. With the safe driving cashback of up to 20% you can get a total of 35% during this months renewal. Learn more about AXA insurance and get a quick price quote in 2 steps here.

Up to 35% discount during renewal

Immediate 15% discount when you renew online + 20% safe driver discount.