In view of the current total lockdown during the third round of the Movement Control Order (MCO), the Ministry of Transport (MOT) has ordered all its agencies to close their counters.

The road transport department has also announced the suspension of all JPJ transactions at Pos Malaysia counters nationwide during the FMCO period. The post offices will remain open nationwide as they are an essential service, however no JPJ business can be done during the lockdown. What does this mean about renewing road tax ? Let’s see !

Still need to drive around with your car, but your road tax is expired ?

Fret not! JPJ has announced some wiggle room for driving licence, road tax (LKM) or vocational license (PSV/GDL) expiring during this MCO. These documents can be renewed within 30 days after the MCO is lifted. Why? When you renew your road tax, the LKM sticker will be backdated to reflect the date of the beginning of your insurance. Like the previous MCO-related flexibility, all vehicles are allowed to operate with expired road tax BUT must possess valid insurance cover.

So, renew your insurance online, make a printout of the policy (ecovernote). You’re all set. REMEMBER to print out and keep your insurance e-cover note in the vehicle at all times. Present it to the authorities when required or you’ll be fined. It is an offence to drive with an expired insurance even during this MCO.

In Summary :

  • Drivers do not need to renew their roadtax.
  • Drivers NEED to renew and have an active insurance policy.
  • The insurance eCover letter needs to be in the vehicle at all times.
  • Drivers only need to renew their roadtax after MCO is over (within 30 days)

Should I renew my insurance on time to avoid hassle ?

It depends. If you do not drive your car at all during MCO, you may choose to not renew your insurance immediately. You can wait until you need to drive again. Then buy insurance and road tax together. This will prevent you from getting backdated on your renewal dates for your insurance and road tax. Additionally, you also save money by not paying for insurance and road tax when your car is not in use.

However there is a big disadvantage and we advise not to wait too long. Not renewing for too long causes too much hassle. You may not be able to renew your insurance online if your policy is older than 30 days. You will have to walk-in to the insurance company to renew it there because the insurance company will need to confirm and verify that your car has not been into any accident during the inactive period.

In summary, yes you should renew your insurance on time to avoid hassle !

Renewing late cost more money

Many insurance companies do not offer online renewal when your insurance is expired. This means you cannot renew online anymore and will lose the 10% online discount.

Renewing late is more work

Many insurance companies require you to take picture of your car or bring the car to a workshop before renewing your insurance. Insurance companies do this to check that the car does not have any existing damages. In the past, many people have made an accident and then only bought insurance to make a claim to the insurance company.

Read the full statement released by the Ministry of Transport in Malaysia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to renew my competent driver’s licence (CDL) and road tax (LKM) if I wish to ?

You can renew online through the mySIKAP JPJ or myEG Portal.

Do I need to collect my CDL/LKM license and sticker at the counter upon purchase through the mySIKAP JPJ or myEG portal during the current MCO ?

Not necessary to be present at the counter to obtain the driver’s license or the road tax sticker. Proof of payment of CDL/LKM fee is sufficient evidence.

Is it compulsory to renew my road tax during this MCO ?

Pursuant to Section 66 (1) APJ 1987 (Act333)

“The Minister of Transport has given exemption for renewal of road tax (LKM) for the duration that MCO is in force (25 March 2020) Driver need to have in their possession a photocopy of a valid insurance coverage or e-cover note that is in-force for the duration of the MCO”

How long do I have before my Malaysian Drivers’ Licence (LMM) has to be renewed ?

All licence holders MUST renew their expired licences within 30 days of the declaration that MCO is lifted

How long do I have before my Road Tax (LKM) has to be renewed ?

All motor-vehicle owners MUST renew their expired road-tax within 30 days of the declaration that MCO is lifted.