Are you looking for cheap and affordable insurance for your motorcycle? Find below a complete list of insurance and takaful companies that sell motorcycle insurance online and offer discounts.

We have checked over 20+ local Malaysian insurance and takaful companies, and we have found only two companies that offer motorcycle insurance online. The good news is that insurance companies offer a 10% discount when you purchase your motorcycle insurance online. Berjaya SOMPO offers with SOMPO Motorcycle Malaysia’s first user-friendly motorcycle insurance online.

#CompanyBuy Motorcycle insurance online?Webpage friendliness
1Berjaya SompoRenew Online and get 10% discountVERY EASY
2Allianz MalaysiaRenew OnlineVERY EASY
3Pacific & OrientBuy OnlineDifficult
4Etiqa InsuranceNot online-
5Syarikat Takaful MalaysiaNot online-
6Takaful IkhlasNot online-
7MSIG MalaysiaNot online-
8Liberty InsuranceNot online-
9AXA AffinNot online-
10AmGeneral & KurniaNot online-
11AIG MalaysiaNot online-
12Tune InsuranceNot online-

What is important when you buy motorcycle insurance?

Liabilities to third part for injury, death & property damage

This protection will pay for any damages that you cause to other people. If during an accident you injure someone, then the insurance will pay for the medical bills of that person. If you damage someone else’s car, motorcycle or even house fence, then the insurance will pay for the damages that you have caused.

Loss/damage to own vehicle due to fire or theft

This protection will pay you money when your motorcycle is stolen or damaged by a fire. A fire can happen if your motorcycle is standing next to a building that is on fire. The likelihood of fire is smaller than theft, but in the past, it has happened, and it is good to have protection for it.

Loss/damage to own vehicle due to accident

This insurance protection will pay for the repair or will pay you money when your motorcycle is damaged. In Malaysia, it is mandatory to have motorcycle insurance so that you can pay for the damages that you cause others. But it is not compulsory to have insurance for your motorcycle. If you have an accident and the other person was at fault causing the accident, then that other person will pay for the repair of your motorcycle. But if the policy determines that you were at fault, then you have to pay for your repair. The comprehensive motorcycle insurance will also pay for the damages of your motorcycle when it is your fault.

You can find more detailed information about the different types of motorcycle insurance here. 

Why only 2 companies with discount on Motorcycle Insurance?

The Motor Detariffication in Malaysia has started in 2017 with car insurance. Out of the 20+ Malaysian companies more than half have started to adjust their prices to the driving behavior. This has made car insurance much cheaper for car owners who drive save. Only in 2019, insurance companies start to adjust prices for motorycles and start to offer them online. Out of the 10+ companies that offer car insurance online only 2 have started. In the coming months, we expect that more companies will start to offer motorcycle insurance online.