The current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made people everywhere realise that medical expenses are unpredictable. Medical treatment is expensive and this can cause financial burden and if you are not financially prepared for it. This is why you need medical insurance. Similar to the recent medical protection by AXA, now Berjaya Sompo is also offering a new medical insurance product called SOMPO MedicNow. You will be entitled for 15% discount on this medical insurance. Find out how in this article.

What is this product about?

SOMPO MedicNow is a comprehensive health insurance policy which covers for hospitalisation & surgical expenses due to accident and illnesses. This product comes with a medical card facility for cashless hospital admission to Berjaya Sompo panel hospitals in Malaysia. The best part is, you get 15% discount on this medical insurance if you choose the deductible option (we will explain more later).

Who is eligible?

Malaysians who are age from 19 to 49 years old and policy is renewable up to age 69 years old.

What type of plans are offered?

There are 3 plans you can choose from. The Lite, Basic and Prime plan.
All 3 plans have different hospitalisation benefit and overall annual limit.

  • Lite Plan
    • Room and Board: RM150 per day for 60 days maximum
    • Overall Annual Limit: RM30,000
  • Basic Plan
    • Room and Board: RM200 per day for 90 days maximum
    • Overall Annual Limit: RM50,000
  • Prime Plan
    • Room and Board: RM250 per day for 120 days maximum
    • Overall Annual Limit: RM100,000

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Key Differences: Lite vs Basic vs Prime

As mentioned above, the main difference between the 3 plans are (overall annual limit) and (room and board). However, there are also other differences.

The most notable difference can be seen in the daily cash allowance. In the event that you are confined at a government hospital, you get no cash allowance on the Lite plan. Meanwhile, you get RM50 for 90 days if you choose the Basic plan and RM100 for 120 days if you choose the Prime plan.

Besides that, the deductible option is also lowest (RM1,500) on the Lite plan and highest (RM5,000) on the Prime plan. In any plan you get, we highly recommend you to choose the deductible option to enjoy the 15% discount.

The last difference is the coverage duration for Intensive Care Unit (ICU). In the event that you get admitted to the ICU, the Lite plan only covers up to 20 days, the Basic plan covers up to 25 days and the Prime plan covers up to 30 days.

You can refer to the table below to see the overall key differences.

How to get the 15% discount ?

To get the 15% discount you have to choose the deductible option before buying any SOMPO MedicNow plan. The deductible option is available for all 3 plans (Lite, Basic and Prime).

By choosing the deductible option, it means that you will pay a required amount per hospital admission before the insurance company covers for you. In return, you enjoy 15% discount when buying your plan. The required amount for deductible depends on which SOMPO MedicNow plan you choose.

  • Lite plan: You pay RM1,500 per hospital admission

  • Basic plan: You pay 2,500 per hospital admission

  • Prime plan: You pay RM5,000 per hospital admission

Similarities: Lite vs Basic vs Prime

Despite the key differences, there are many similarities between the 3 plans when it comes to benefits. The table below shows all the benefits that customers get to enjoy regardless of what plan they choose.

How much do I have to pay?

The total price you pay for this medical protection varies depending on your age, your chosen plan, and other requirements.

For example, a male customer who is 24 years old decides to buy the Lite Plan (with deductible option).
The price he has to pay are as below:

  • Gross Premium: RM456.00

  • Discount (15%): – RM68.40

  • Stamp duty: RM10.00

  • Total premium payable: RM397.60

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