Did you know that China has finally opened its borders to the outside world after nearly 3 years? During this time, the National Health Commissions of China implemented a zero-COVID policy. Now, Chinese travelers can leave the country to travel since the zero-Covid policy ended. If you are planning to travel outside of China, why not come to Malaysia? When you travel to Malaysia, you no longer have to do PCR test in advance or upon arrival. In addition, you also no longer need to do a self quarantine. Continue reading and we will discuss what else you need to know before travelling to Malaysia.

What you need to know when travelling to Malaysia?

The Malaysian Health Ministry announced that all travellers arriving in Malaysia will have to undergo temperature checks for fever. This is due to concerns over a surge of Covid-19 cases in China.

Malaysia’s Immigration Department will now provide special lanes for travellers from China at international entry points, due to concerns of the Covid-19 spread in the country.

All travelers entering Malaysia will be screened through a thermal scanner. Those who are found to be ill or symptomatic, or made self-declarations, will undergo further examination.

Do you need travel insurance to enter Malaysia?

No, as of January 2023, it is not mandatory to have travel insurance to enter Malaysia. However, it is strongly recommended to cover the medical cost in case you get sick during your travel in Malaysia. The best travel insurance plan for tourist is the COVID Travel Pass+ from Tune. With COVID Travel Pass+, you will travel with the best protection to Malaysia. It is suitable to be used for any airlines and has many medical coverage benefits which also includes Covid-19

Summary: Covid Entry requirement for Malaysia

  • no PCR test in advance before departure from China

  • no PCR test on arrival

  • no quarantine requirement for travellers from china

  • travel insurance is not mandatory but strongly recommended

What is Tune’s COVID Travel Pass+ ?

COVID Travel Pass+ is a travel insurance plan to protect foreign travellers who are travelling to Malaysia. This travel insurance covers medical expenses related to COVID-19 up to MYR 350,000. This travel insurance is specifically designed for non-Malaysians who plan to travel to Malaysia.

Besides medical expenses for COVID-19, COVID Travel Pass+ also offers protection for personal accidents, travel inconveniences, medical expenses, ground inconveniences, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation due to accident, as well as 24-hour travel assistance services.

How Much Does Tune’s COVID Travel Pass+ Cost?

  • There are 2 plans you can choose from: Basic and Premium.

    • Basic Plan – covers COVID-19 Medical expenses up to RM100,000​

    • Premium Plan – offers higher protection for COVID-19 medical expenses up to RM 350,000​

    The price are as below:

What other benefits does Tune’s COVID Travel Pass+ provide?

    • Hospitalisation
      This travel insurance plan covers hospitalisation related to COVID-19

    • Digital Certificate
      The COVID Travel Pass+ provides an instant digital insurance certificate provided through your email​

    • Wide Age Limit
      If you have a senior family member, we have you covered. This travel insurance plan is open to travellers aged 30 days until 70 years old

    • Fast & Easy Purchase
      No Account Registration is required when you want to purchase the travel insurance plan. You can buy online in just a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does COVID Travel Pass+ cover medical expenses for COVID-19?

Yes, it covers medical expenses for COVID-19 up to MYR 350,000, depending on the plan you have selected.

Does COVID Travel Pass+ has an age limit?

Yes, COVID Travel Pass+ impose an age limit of 30 days and up to maximum of 70 years old

Is COVID Travel Pass+ suitable for travel on any airlines?

Yes. You can purchase COVID Travel Pass+ and fly with ANY airlines.

Is the coverage RM350,000 for medical expenses for the whole insurance period?

Yes, the medical expenses coverage of RM 350,000 covers the whole insurance period while you are in Malaysia, for up to 90 days.

If I’m tested positive for COVID-19 but I don’t have any symptom. Will Tune Protect pay for the medical expense?

COVID Travel Pass+ covers eligible hospitalisation treatment expenses for COVID-19 patients who are in Stage 3, 4 or 5 only.