As you probably already know, we have 2 winners for the Motor Insurance & Takaful Survey 2020. This survey is known for being Asia’s first independent motor insurance and takaful survey based on customer feedback. The goal is to help Malaysians identify the best motor insurance companies in Malaysia. With the situation of the current pandemic, we could not do a personal hand-over. Therefore, we chose to mail the prizes directly to the winners. 

Suhasri Ismail, our winner with the most tickets secured over 1,000 tickets to his name by simply sharing away his special link to friends and family. We are happy to announce that he has successfully received his iPhone via post to his residence. Suhasri expressed his deepest appreciation for the prize and was truly happy with his brand new iPhone. We would like to congratulate him once again for participating in the survey and sharing his special link via social media.

The second winner Zubaida Yusoff, is our lucky draw winner who was randomly selected by generating a random ticket number. We are also proud to announce that she has successfully received her iPhone. Zubaida personally messaged and thanked us for the prize and was truly happy with her brand new iPhone as well. We would also like to congratulate her on her victory in being the lucky one to be randomly chosen as the Lucky Draw Winner.

Thank you for filling out our survey. Your responses help us show how good the service of Malaysian insurance companies is. We conduct these surveys to help you make better decisions when you buy insurance.