Are you often worried of being a victim of insurance scams ? Finding the perfect insurance agent, especially a trustworthy one is not an easy task. Among several types of insurance scams that occur in Malaysia, fake agents are the most common. These scams generally happen when customers are tricked into buying fake insurance policies from individuals claiming to be actual insurance agents. Another instance could be insurance agents keeping the money paid by the policyholders for themselves instead of paying it to the insurance companies.

Well, this is why having a good insurance agent who you can trust is important before you start investing in insurance. Let us tell you how you can differentiate an experienced insurance agent from an inexperienced insurance agent.

Experienced & Trusted Insurance Agent

  1. Has many years of selling and servicing insurance
    You can tell an agent is experienced when he/she has been selling and servicing insurance for many years. These agents have experience selling different types of insurance for various insurance companies meaning that they are very well-versed with the products that they are selling.

  2. Works as a full-time agent
    Individuals who work as full-time insurance agents are usually more experienced as they are fully focused on one job.  This also means that they spend more time dealing with insurance for them to be completely familiar with what they are working with.

  3. Spends more time talking to their customer to better understand their needs.
    Experienced agents will make sure to spend more time talking to their customers to better understand their needs. This would help ensure that their customers are offered the best insurance plan according to their budget and needs.

  4. Only sells insurance the customer really needs
    A trusted agent will only sell their customers an insurance plan that they really need. These agents will not try to force their customers into buying an insurance plan that will not be beneficial to them.

Inexperienced & Dishonest Insurance Agent

  1. Only has a few years of experience in selling and servicing insurance
    An inexperienced insurance agent is usually someone who just finished their agent training or only have a few years of experience in helping customers make insurance claims. These agents are usually not very well-informed about the products and services that they are offering.

  2. Sells insurance part-time only to earn extra money
    Individuals who work as part-time insurance agents are often doing the job merely to earn extra cash. These types of agents are usually not interested in the welfare of their customers as they are doing it with the sole intention of gaining income.

  3. Asks no question about the customer to understand their needs
    Inexperienced insurance agents will not ask any questions or spend time talking to their customers to understand their needs. The lack of communication between both parties might cause the agent to sell an insurance plan that is not beneficial to their customer.

  4. Tries to sell many insurance products that are costly
    A dishonest agent would try to sell their customers many insurance products which are costly. They would push their customers into buying an expensive plan that they will not need for their personal benefit of getting higher commissions.

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Want to know more ? Check out this video on how we can help you choose a trusted insurance agent.

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