Has your car insurance expired and you now want to buy car insurance? Forgot to renew your car insurance on time and your policy has lapsed?

It can be difficult to buy car insurance if your current insurance has expired already. Or because of COVID you have not used your car at all and decided not to renew your car insurance to save money.  How do you renew/buy car insurance without existing car insurance?

Car pictures are mandatory

Many insurance companies require pictures of your car before you can buy car insurance because they want to make sure that the car has no existing damages. In the past, people drove on the road without insurance and only bought insurance after an accident. With the pictures as proof of good condition of the car, you can then renew your car insurance.

3 ways to renew lapsed car insurance

There are two ways to renew your car insurance when your previous policy has lapsed or you decided not to renew: Through an insurance/takaful agent, through insurance/takaful branch or online.

1. Through an insurance agent – Most convenient

The traditional and most convenient way is to contact an insurance agent to help you renew your car insurance. The agent will take care of the necessary documentation and most often will also get the road tax for you. The agent earns a commission on the insurance so that the insurance is a bit more expensive than other ways, but you pay for the convenience.

Looking for an agent? You can find certified professional agents in this Insurance Agent Directory

2. Through an insurance branch – Cheaper, some work

The second way to buy car insurance for your lapsed policy is through an insurance branch. You can walk into an insurance branch and let them know that you want to buy car insurance for a car with a lapsed policy. The branch staff will check the vehicle for existing damages before handing you the insurance. This is a little bit more effort for you to renew, but you can save 10% this way, because you did not buy through an insurance agent.

3. Through the internet – Cheapest

The third way and cheapest way to buy car insurance is online. Insurance companies offer the best discounts and very often have special deals like additional petrol voucher or gifts. Unfortunately, not many companies allow you to renew directly online. Most companies will ask you to contact an agent or visit a branch. We have checked for you and here is a list of companies that allow you to buy car insurance for lapsed policies online. You do not need to provide pictures of your car in order to buy car insurance online.

Check out our article on online car insurance to find out how you can quickly compare insurance prices. Or check out our FREE online comparison , where we do the comparison for you.

CompanyAllow renewal for lapsed policies?Link to buy
Syarikat Takaful MalaysiaYesBuy Online with 10% discount
AXA Affin
NoBuy Online
Tokio MarineNo
Buy Online
Etiqa General Takaful/Insurance
NoBuy Online
Allianz General
NoBuy Online
Berjaya SompoNoBuy Online
MSIG Malaysia?
Buy Online
Tune Insurance
?Buy Online
AIG Malaysia?
Buy Online
Liberty Insurance?
Buy Online

Best way to renew your lapsed car insurance

  1. Insurance agent – Most convenient
  2. Insurance branch – Cheaper, some work
  3. Online/Internet – Cheapest