Did you know that now you can renew road tax online?

More and more Malaysians are choosing to do their shopping online. It is after all, a lot more convenient than having to drive your car through heavy traffic and spending half an hour looking for a parking spot.

Consumers can buy almost everything online these days, including motor insurance and road tax. If you are looking to renew your motor insurance online to either save your money or time, read our guide here. If you want to know how to purchase your next road tax online or have a renewal, here’s an easy-to-follow guide.

buy road tax online



Guide to buying your road tax online

1. Go to: https://www.myeg.com.my

To purchase your road tax online, you will need to register an account.

Remember, you will not be able to go through the following processes if you do not already have a valid insurance policy. So be sure to buy your insurance first.


2. Select JPJ – Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan


3. Select Road Tax Renewal


4. Fill in details

Fill in owner and vehicle registration details.

Unless you want to receive marketing calls from MyEG, we advise you to uncheck the “I agree to receive calls from MyEG Services for other related products” option.


5. Collection method

You have the option of collecting the road tax yourself (unfortunately pick up can only be done at MyEG Bandar Utama) or have it delivered to you.

You have the option of collecting the road tax yourself (unfortunately pick up can only be done at MyEG Bandar Utama) or have it delivered to you.


6. Delivery information

Delivery information


7. Delivery charges

Delivery charges


8. Payment

Finally, you can make payment online with your credit card or bank transfer. The fee includes road tax charges, convenience fees and delivery charges. You will be given an e-services receipt for reference.

Congratulations, you just renewed your road tax.

The entire process is fairly straightforward. However, we did encounter a problem where we received a warning that there was no valid insurance found even after an hour of purchasing a motor insurance policy (from an insurance portal). Our advice – wait for a few hours or try again the next day.

Should you encounter any trouble, we advise you to contact MyEG customer service at 03-7801 8888. However they are only operational between Monday-Friday between 9.00am to 6.00pm. So be safe and purchase your insurance and road tax early!


Some useful information

MyEG also offers insurance renewal services online making it convenient for customers to purchase both insurance and road tax from a single portal. However, it is good to remind readers that no direct discount is given if you purchase your insurance through MyEG. This is because MyEG is a registered agent.

What are your experiences? Have you managed to renew your road tax online?

To read more about the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing insurance through MyEG online, read this comprehensive guide on ibanding.my.


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