One of the ways we at iBanding is helping the public in choosing the right insurance company is by conducting a yearly survey to find out what the consumer think of their insurance and takaful companies. The findings obtained from the survey enable us to produce the ranking of most (if not all) motor insurance and takaful companies in Malaysia. Earlier this year, the winners of the 2017/18 Malaysian Motor Insurance and Takaful Award were given to these tops companies:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Malaysian Motor Insurance and Takaful Award 2017/ 2018

With these rankings as a guide, we hope the consumers are able to make more informed decision when choosing the company to insure their cars.

And to those who intend to purchase theirs from Syarikat Takaful Malaysia, the number one motor takaful company as voted by the Malaysian consumer for two consecutive years, we hope that this article will help guide you through the process.

Guide to Purchasing Motor Takaful from Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Online

Let’s start

The car takaful plan from Syarikat Takaful Malaysia can be purchased online from their online portal called Click for Cover or here.

It is a well streamlined and easy to use web portal and we assure you that anyone can do it within a few minutes. However, to ensure accuracy of information, it is advised that you have your vehicle registration card or renewal notice from your previous insurance / takaful company ready.

The first thing you need to do is key in a few information such as your NRIC number, car registration number (plate number), postcode and email address.

car insurance online quotation

Step 1 – Get Quotation

If there’s a tricky part about the purchasing process, this could be it. But if you have a good knowledge about your car, or if you have your card with you, this step shouldn’t be an issue.

Information required here is largely vehicle and model-specific, such as variant, import type (local assembly, complete knocked down etc), type of anti-theft device fitted. You are also required to disclose what type of parking you have at your residence, if the car is still under bank loan and how many permitted drivers will be driving the car.

requirements and details for car insurance online

Remember: It is important to ensure that all information provided is CORRECT. This is to avoid your claims getting rejected by the insurance company!

Once you’ve entered all the info, you should be able to see the preliminary price for your car takaful on your right.

Rebate 10%

This is the discount that you get for buying (or renewing) your insurance (or takaful in this case) online. This discount is not specific to Syarikat Takaful Malaysia. You should be getting this discount when buying directly from any insurance and takaful companies ONLINE.

Cash Back

It says: You may be entitled to an estimated Cash Back subject to financial performance, applicable tax deductions and no claims incurred during the coverage period.

According to Syarikat Takaful Malaysia, they are the only takaful operator to consistently offer this cash back as a reward for their clients who have not made any make within the coverage period. For more explanation about cash back, read here.

Personal Accident Coverage

As a Takaful Malaysia’s customer, you are entitled to a RM15,000 Personal Accident coverage for each passenger and driver. This comes at no additional charge to you.

online car insurance prices

Step 2 – Add Additional Coverage

Here you can add additional coverage that you would like to have. One of these is mandatory for you to add and that is the Named Drivers. Here you need to key in the number of drivers allowed to drive your car and be covered by your insurance policy. The first two drivers are free. You will not be able to leave this page as long as you have not put in a number.

Other additional coverage that you may choose are:

  • Cover for Windscreens, Windows and Sunroof (highly recommended!)
  • Legal Liability to Passengers
  • Legal Liability of Passengers
  • Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion
  • Inclusion of Special Perils
  • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)
  • Extension of Cover to Thailand

All these come with a brief and helpful description. Once you add them to your policy, you will notice the quoted price to the right changes.

additional cover for online car insurance

Step 3 – Certificate Owner Info

Easy step of keying in your personal and contact information.


Step 4 – Driver Info

Another easy step. Here you need to fill in the name, NRIC number, gender and relationship of the ‘named drivers’. The number of drivers that you will need to fill is according to the number chosen by you in step 2. If you only chose 1 driver, then there isn’t much for you to do here. Simply continue.

Step 5 – Confirm & Pay

Time to check that everything is alright and make payment.

Please note here that it says:

You will have to bear a compulsory excess of RM400 in the event of claim if your vehicle is driven by a person who is not named in your certificate or if the driver holds a Learner (L) driver’s licence. The excess is the first amount that you have to bear in respect of each and every claim.

So make sure that if your car is often driven by others, such as a spouse, a sibling, friend or child, they are nominated as named drivers in step 2. As mentioned, the first 2 (this includes you) are free. The rest are chargeable at RM10 per person.

Once you are happy with the coverage, you can make payment via credit card or bank transfer. The transaction is swift and secured. Voila. You have yourself a takaful cover for your car, at a 10% direct discount, and 15% cash back if you don’t make a claim within the next 12 months.

Benefits Enjoyed by Takaful Malaysia's myClick Motor Customers

What are the benefits that you will be getting with the car takaful policy you just purchased you may asked? Well, let’s look at them here.

1. Comprehensive coverage – this means that in case of an accident, not only your plan will cover for the damage and injury of the third party (if the accident is caused by you), but also the damages suffered by your own car. For more information about the different types of car insurance policies, click here.

2. 24/7 roadside assistance program – the round-the-clock emergency car assistance Tele Bantuan Program offers:
– Minor roadside repair: jump start services, change of battery or tires, emergency delivery of petrol and/or minor wiring work with free labour costs up to 2 hours
– Towing service: free towing service up to 50km per incident from breakdown scene to the nearest Takaful Malaysia’s panel workshop and maximum of RM200 to the nearest Takaful Malaysia’s panel workshop in case of accident

3. Cash back reward no claims – You car insurance will be cheaper with extra cash back if you do not file a claim and the company is doing well.

4. Complimentary Personal Accident coverage – for both you and your passengers up to RM15,000 per person.

Sounds good! Ready to purchase? Click here.