Looking for the best car insurance 2024? Explore our comprehensive guide to the top-rated car insurance providers in Malaysia, awarded for superior service and coverage.

Navigating the myriad of motor insurance options can be daunting. Yet, the annual Motor Insurance and Takaful Awards shine a light on the best car insurance providers in Malaysia, recognized for their outstanding service, comprehensive coverage, and customer satisfaction. This guide not only simplifies your search but also ensures you’re well-informed to make the best choice for your vehicle insurance needs in 2024.

Best Car Insurance 2024 for Malaysians

  1. Generali Car Insurance – A Benchmark for Customer Satisfaction and Innovation
  2. Berjaya Sompo Insurance – Excellence in Comprehensive Coverage
  3. Etiqa Insurance – Synonymous with Efficiency and Customer-Centric InnovationTokio Marine – Global Coverage You Can Trust
  4. Tokio Marine Travel Insurance: Reliability and Tailored Protection
  5. Allianz Malaysia – Comprehensive Protection Plans
  6. MSIG Motor Insurance – Extensive Benefits for Every Driver
  7. RHB Private Car Insurance – Customized Policies for You
  8. Zurich Private Car Insurance – Your Partner in Protection
  9. Liberty Private Car Insurance – A Commitment to Customer Care
  10. LonPac Private Car Secure – Comprehensive Coverage for Your Needs

1. Generali Private Car Insurance - Winner Best Car Insurance 2024

Generali Car Insurance, known for its trailblazing and comprehensive insurance solutions, has earned the top spot in this year’s awards.

With the strategic merger of AXA Affin and MPI Generali, the new unified brand of Generali Car Insurance has emerged, demonstrating a strong commitment to delivering exceptional insurance services and products tailored to the Malaysian market.

**Record Win at the Asia Insurance Awards 2023**: Generali’s international acclaim was solidified with a record-breaking win at the Asia Insurance Awards in 2023. This achievement is not just a milestone but also a testament to Generali’s unparalleled excellence and innovation in the global insurance industry. By securing this award, Generali has set a new standard for what customers can expect from the best car insurance.

Generali Car Insurance’s unique suite of features in Malaysia stands out for its adaptability and customer-focused approach. Policyholders can enjoy customizable coverage plans, a fast and efficient claims process, 24/7 roadside assistance, comprehensive protection against natural disasters, No Claims Discount (NCD) Protection, cutting-edge digital solutions, and international coverage options. These offerings underscore Generali’s dedication to providing the best car insurance solutions that meet the evolving needs of drivers in Malaysia and beyond.

2. Berjaya SOMPO Motor Car Insurance - Runner-up Best Car Insurance 2024

Berjaya Sompo Insurance’s presence in Malaysia has grown significantly, earning them second place in the latest motor insurance rankings and solidifying their position as a provider of the best car insurance 2024. Offering robust coverage options paired with stellar customer service, it has become the go-to for many Malaysian vehicle owners seeking the best car insurance.

Berjaya Sompo stands out in our 2024 roundup as the unmatched leader, securing the coveted first place. This achievement is a testament to the company’s innovative approach to car insurance, merging customer-focused products with state-of-the-art technology.

**Launch of Telematics SOMPO MOTORSAFE**: Berjaya Sompo introduced SOMPO MotorSafe, a cutting-edge, usage-based telematics motor insurance plan tailored for low-mileage drivers. This plan is at the forefront of their offerings, highlighting a telematics-based solution that incentivizes safe driving and provides unmatched flexibility, positioning it as a premier choice for those seeking personalized car insurance coverage in 2024.

**Partnership with iMotorbike for Digital Insurance Solutions**: The collaboration with iMotorbike, a leading Southeast Asian online platform for motorbikes, reflects Berjaya Sompo’s commitment to advancing digital insurance solutions. This partnership facilitates a quick, secure, and user-friendly experience for customers to renew or purchase motorcycle insurance online, simplifying the insurance process and broadening Berjaya Sompo’s reach as a forward-thinking provider in Malaysia.

Berjaya Sompo’s unique offerings in car insurance include the SOMPO MotorSafe Plan, a swift claims approval process, comprehensive natural disaster coverage, 24/7 roadside assistance, flexible coverage options, personal accident coverage, effortless online policy management, and strategic partnerships for enhanced services. These features establish Berjaya Sompo as a leading choice for vehicle owners in Malaysia, emphasizing their commitment to safety, convenience, and comprehensive coverage in the car insurance market.

3. Etiqa Insurance - Synonymous with Efficiency and Customer-Centric Innovation

Etiqa Insurance takes a proud third place in the 2024 motor insurance awards, further cementing its status in providing some of the best car insurance in Malaysia. The insurer’s dedication to efficient claims processing and customer-first innovation is at the heart of its award-winning service.

Etiqa’s flagship offering, Takaful and Conventional Motor Insurance, is tailored to a broad client base, with policy options ranging from comprehensive to third-party fire and theft, and third-party only coverages. The insurer’s commitment to efficiency is epitomized by its pioneering e-claims service, which ensures that policyholders can lodge claims online and receive rapid processing, often in mere minutes.

**Unique Add-Ons for Tailored Protection**: Etiqa offers a suite of add-on covers, such as key care cover, special perils cover, and windshield cover, enabling policyholders to enhance their policies for all-encompassing protection. This level of customization allows drivers to craft the best car insurance policy that caters precisely to their needs.

With Etiqa, policyholders benefit from a fast e-Claims service, customizable add-on covers, No Claims Discount (NCD) Protection, 24/7 roadside assistance, flexible payment options, and the innovative Etiqa Auto Assist app for on-the-go policy management. Etiqa also offers an agreed value option for car insurance, which secures the agreed value of the car in case of a total loss, eliminating depreciation concerns. These features collectively make Etiqa Insurance a preferred choice for Malaysian drivers looking for reliable and adaptable car insurance coverage in 2024.

4. Tokio Marine - Global Coverage You Can Trust

In the realm of the best car insurance in Malaysia for 2024, Tokio Marine stands tall, renowned for its extensive international coverage and unwavering trust among customers. This global insurance titan provides not only local expertise but also the assurance of international protection, catering to the needs of frequent travelers and global citizens alike.

Unmatched Global Reach: Tokio Marine’s policies extend well beyond the borders of Malaysia, offering a security blanket that covers you no matter where your travels take you. This extensive reach is a boon for those seeking the best car insurance that harmonizes local and international travel needs.

Tokio Marine’s reputation as a trusted insurance partner is built on its long-standing history of reliability and comprehensive service. With a focus on providing expansive coverage options and exceptional customer support, Tokio Marine ensures that policyholders receive the best car insurance experience, whether navigating the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur or cruising along foreign highways.

Innovative Insurance Solutions: Tokio Marine continues to innovate, offering products that meet the changing dynamics of risk and mobility. Their commitment to delivering tailored insurance solutions ensures that every driver finds a policy that fits their individual lifestyle, making Tokio Marine a leading choice for car insurance in 2024.

5. Allianz Malaysia - Comprehensive Protection Plans

Achieving a commendable fifth place in the 2024 ranking for the best car insurance in Malaysia, Allianz Motor Comprehensive Plan stands out with a host of enhanced features under its umbrella. This plan has been recognized for its comprehensive coverage against liabilities to other parties for death or bodily injuries, damages to other parties’ properties, accidental or fire damages to your car, and theft of your car. Embracing the Rahmah Insurance Initiative, Allianz has added extra benefits to this plan without additional charges, including death and permanent disablement benefits, hospital income, and compassionate flood coverage, specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern Malaysian driver. The inclusion of the Allianz Road Rangers service, a dedicated accident assistance program, further solidifies the plan’s position in the market, offering a seamless claims journey and ensuring customers receive fast and efficient support when they need it the most​

6. MSIG Motor Insurance - Extensive Benefits for Every Driver

Securing the sixth spot in the “Best Car Insurance in Malaysia 2024” rankings, MSIG’s Motor Plus offers a comprehensive policy designed to extend the standard coverage of your vehicle insurance. MSIG Motor Plus stands out for its combination of fundamental protection with additional perks, providing a safety net that spans beyond the basics for more peace of mind.

This all-encompassing policy includes several notable features such as Personal Accident Insurance for the driver and passengers, covering against unexpected events during travel. It also offers full protection from natural disasters, such as floods, which is particularly relevant given Malaysia’s tropical climate and susceptibility to such events. Importantly, the plan addresses legal liability towards passengers, providing coverage in the event of a claim, and also includes a waiver of compulsory excess, which helps to mitigate out-of-pocket expenses during accidents.

Furthermore, the plan is equipped with a 24-hour unlimited towing service, ensuring that assistance is available whenever and wherever you need it most. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who frequently travel long distances and value the reassurance of constant support.

MSIG has also introduced the Lady Motor Plus, which is tailored specifically for female drivers. This plan acknowledges the unique needs of women on the road and provides an enhanced insurance package with features like Personal Accident protection, Inconvenience Relief Allowance, coverage for loss or damage to personal belongings, and a Transportation Allowance.

Both MSIG Motor Plus and Lady Motor Plus come with MSIG’s Motor Assist, a complimentary service that offers accident and roadside assistance, further illustrating MSIG’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

These inclusive and thoughtful features make MSIG Motor Plus a strong contender in the car insurance market, offering coverage that caters to a wide array of needs, ensuring that policyholders have comprehensive protection while on the road.

7. RHB Private Car Insurance - Customized Policies for You

RHB Motor Insurance has secured the 7th place in the “Best Car Insurance 2024” rankings, demonstrating its strong position in the market through a comprehensive range of benefits and add-ons tailored to meet the needs of Malaysian drivers. RHB Private Car Insurance provides a safety net that includes up to RM3 million in liability coverage against third-party claims, No-Claim Discount (NCD) benefits, and free towing services up to RM300 per incident.

One of the key features that RHB offers is the Motorist Personal Accident Insurance, which extends additional coverage with enhanced sum insured options reaching up to RM240,000, along with competitive premium rates. For those who prefer extra protection, RHB’s Premier Protect Add-On Cover offers financial support in cases of natural disasters, theft, or total vehicle loss, along with allowances to assist with daily expenses while the vehicle is under repair.

RHB Motor Insurance stands out with its Roadside Assistance Programme, providing 24/7 support, and ensuring that policyholders have access to a wide network of panel workshops across the nation for any necessary repairs. The insurance plan also includes Special Perils Add-On Covers, safeguarding vehicles against damages from unforeseen events such as floods, storms, and landslides.

For added convenience, RHB has embraced digital solutions, allowing customers to easily purchase and manage their policies online or through a mobile application, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric service.

8. Zurich Z-Driver Private Car Insurance - Your Partner in Protection

Zurich’s Z-Driver, securing the 8th place in the “Best Car Insurance in Malaysia 2024” ranking, is a testament to Zurich Malaysia’s commitment to providing comprehensive and value-added motor insurance solutions. Z-Driver is designed not just to protect vehicles but also the precious lives within them, offering a basic motor plan with super value add-ons aimed at safeguarding families and individuals on the road. This plan is particularly noteworthy for its inclusivity and adaptability, catering to the needs of both conventional car insurance and Takaful customers, ensuring peace of mind for a wide range of drivers in Malaysia.

One of the highlights of the Z-Driver plan is its E-Hailing Endorsement, which is available to authorized E-Hailing drivers holding a comprehensive motor insurance policy with Zurich. This endorsement underscores Zurich’s responsiveness to the evolving needs of the modern driver, integrating annual and daily E-Hailing insurance coverage options for enhanced flexibility and protection.

The Z-Driver plan is distinguished by features that offer significant savings and benefits to policyholders. Drivers who are considered low risk, such as cautious, lady drivers, or those driving SUVs, can enjoy discounts up to 10% on their motor premium. Furthermore, the plan includes an option for voluntary excess, allowing policyholders to choose a self-pay limit in the event of a claim to receive up to a 20% discount on their motor premium. Additionally, the water damage cover and personal accident coverage extend comprehensive protection at an affordable cost, ensuring drivers and their families are well-protected against various risks on the road.

For those seeking extra assurance, Zurich’s Z-Driver plan offers a 60% discount off the tariff rate for special perils coverage, providing substantial savings on premiums while protecting vehicles against natural disasters such as earthquakes, sinkholes, landslides, and floods. Moreover, the plan allows for a complimentary cover extension to unlimited named drivers for private use, adding another layer of flexibility and convenience for policyholders.

Zurich’s approach with the Z-Driver plan highlights their dedication to delivering insurance products that offer flexibility, practicality, and affordability, ensuring that policyholders receive enhanced benefits and features that go beyond the basic coverage requirements

9. Liberty Private Car Insurance - A Commitment to Customer Care

Liberty Private Car Insurance makes it to the list with its dedication to customer care, offering personalized service and support throughout the policy term.

Securing the 9th place in the “Best Car Insurance in Malaysia 2024” rankings, Liberty’s Private Car EZY Plus offers an expansive and flexible coverage plan tailored for private car owners. This comprehensive policy ensures that drivers and their vehicles are protected against a wide array of incidents, including theft, accidents, and damages to third parties. What sets the Liberty Private Car EZY Plus apart is its innovative approach to car insurance, blending traditional coverage essentials with modern-day conveniences and protections.

Liberty has incorporated unique features such as E-Hailing Endorsement for authorized drivers, extending its coverage to include those who use their vehicles for e-hailing services. This endorsement is a testament to Liberty’s adaptability to the changing dynamics of car usage in Malaysia, providing annual and daily coverage options for e-hailing drivers, ensuring they remain protected in every aspect of their driving endeavors.

Moreover, Liberty’s Private Car EZY Plus is designed with the driver and family’s safety in mind, offering Personal Accident coverage up to RM175,000 per car for as low as RM15/year. This coverage is pivotal, considering the unpredictable nature of road travel, ensuring comprehensive protection not just for the vehicle, but for every passenger within.

The plan also offers attractive discounts for drivers in low-risk segments, such as cautious drivers, lady drivers, or those driving SUVs, highlighting Liberty’s commitment to encouraging and rewarding safe driving practices. Additionally, the option for voluntary excess allows policyholders to customize their premium based on their preferred level of self-liability in the event of a claim, providing up to 20% discount on their motor premium.

Liberty’s Private Car EZY Plus underscores the company’s dedication to offering tailored, flexible, and comprehensive car insurance solutions. By focusing on customer-centric features, Liberty aims to provide Malaysian drivers with not just insurance, but a partnership geared towards safety, convenience, and peace of mind on the road.

10. LonPac Private Car Secure - Comprehensive Coverage for Your Needs

Lonpac’s Private Car Secure – Comprehensive plan, ranked 10th in the “Best Car Insurance in Malaysia 2024,” offers an extensive coverage package designed for private car owners. The plan focuses on financial protection against various risks including business interruption, loss, destruction, or damage, complemented with value-added services such as free coverage for all drivers, impact damage from falling objects, transportation allowance, and document replacement extensions. This comprehensive approach ensures policyholders receive broad protection and support, addressing both common and unique insurance needs​​. For more detailed information, visit Lonpac’s official website.

What is the Motor Insurance/Takaful Award?

The Motor Insurance and Takaful Award was established in 2016 and is Asia’s first independent motor insurance and takaful awards based on customer feedback.

Many times awards are given out to companies because they have paid for the top position or a group of people in a jury or panel selected the winners.  With people involved in the decision process, you cannot be sure that the results are neutral. iBanding’s ranking and selection of winners use actual customer reviews and a complex statistical model to provide neutral, unbiased results. This best reflects what Malaysian consumers believe about the service level of a company. It works like websites such as Booking.com or TripAdvisor, but instead of hotels, we provide insights into Malaysian insurance and takaful companies. You can find the winners of this year’s award here: Winner Motor Insurance Award 2024


Choosing the right car insurance provider is key to ensuring your peace of mind on the road. The winners of the Motor Insurance and Takaful Awards 2024 are the cream of the crop, combining coverage, customer service, and innovation. Review your needs, compare policies, and select an insurer that provides the best protection for your vehicle in Malaysia.