Today Berjaya launched its new Car Insurance product “SOMPO Motor”. It brings new improved features to provide better service to Malaysians. Here is an overview of the new and improved features.

Special Perils Coverage of RM 10,000*

* The cover is for max RM 10,000 or 20% of sum insured whichever is lower

This is really unique in Malaysia and usually requires drivers to buy an additional Add-on policy to cover for Special Perils (see below for a description). The new SOMPO Motor product covers some of your damages. It covers 20% of your sum insured or max RM 10,000. So if your car has a sum insured of RM 40,000, then you will get maximum RM 8,000, when you have a special peril damage. If you need more coverage, because your car is more expensive, then you can opt for the traditional Special Perils Coverage.

Special Perils Coverage

Damages caused by act of nature like flood, landslide and storm

Other companies

No coverage

(Need to buy as Add-on)


Covered for RM 10,000 or
20% of sum insured

What are Special Perils Coverage in Car Insurance?

Special Perils are special weather or nature events that can cause damage to your car. Examples are flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, landslide and even volcanic eruptions. Now we do not have to fear a volcanic eruption, but flooding and  storm damages are quite often during Malaysian raining season.

Repair Warrant of 12 months

Most of the insurance companies offer 6 months warranty of repair done at a panel workshop. That is why it is important that you bring your car to the panel workshop of your insurance company. If you bring your car to a non-panel workshop, you will not get a warranty. Berjaya SOMPO newest product “SOMPO Motor” extends this warranty to 12 months. To see a list of panel workshops for Berjaya Sompo check out our Repair Workshop Directory. Berjaya has over 180 panel workshops listed with reviews and ratings.

Repair Warranty

Warranty against defect on new parts replaced and workmanship carried out by panel workshop

Other companies

6 months warranty


12 months warranty

All Drivers Cover

Currently most insurance companies only cover two “Named Drivers”. What it means is that when you buy the insurance you can name two persons who mainly drive the car. If any of those two “Named Drivers” get into an accident, no “Compulsory Excess” of RM 400 needs to be paid. If you let someone else drive the car and that person gets into an accident then you have to pay a compulsory excess of RM 400. Normally, insurance company charge RM 10 for every additional named driver. This is included in the new SOMPO Motor

Drivers Cover

Only “Named Drivers” are allowed to drive and do not need to pay Excess when involved in an accident.

Other companies

2 “Named Drivers” only

Additional drivers need to be added and cost extra.


All drivers are free.

Anyone can drive the car without Excess.

You can find more information on Berjaya Sompo’s newest product SOMPO Motor on their webpage.