Benefits of joining

1. Voice your opinion about your insurance company

If you ever had a car accident, you know how frustrating and trouble some it can be to deal with insurance companies and your insurance agent. On the other hand you can have excellence service and the insurance agent that you have is the best. Let your friends and let others know what you think of your insurance. Let’s use the power of the internet to share with our friends and family what our experience is with our company. Next time when it comes to renewal, we can choose wisely and pick the one that truly is helping you, when you have a claim. When you join the survey, you are part of the jury. Your vote is key to find the true best insurance company in Malaysia.

2. Win great Prizes like an iPhone SE

It is important to us that as many Malaysians as possible join this survey. The more people participate, the better the results, so that it is key to share it with as many people as possible. The survey is so important to us that we decided to give away great prizes like an iPhone SE, Dashboard Camera or Gift Vouchers.

  • Step 1: Fill out the survey with your correct vehicle number. It only takes 5 minutes.
  • Step 2: Share the survey with as many friends as possible to increase your chances of winning.
  • Step 3: Among all valid participants we will draw the winners for the prizes.


If you fill out the survey and join the competition, you will get one ticket. For each friend that does the same you will get 3 additional tickets that will increases your chances of winning 300%.

3. Know who is Malaysia’s BEST Motor Insurance Company

Insurance is important, but for many of us insurance is not easy to understand. With over 30 different insurance companies to choose from in Malaysia, it is difficult to find the best. We need the best insurance company, because at times of a serious accident, we want the best care for ourselves and our family. Another good thing, by knowing and rewarding who the best insurance company in Malaysia is, we set an example for other companies of what good services means. This will challenge other companies to be better or even better.