AXA Affin Life Malaysia has reacted to the great concern over the Coronavirus and extended their medical insurance to cover the hospitalization cost for Coronavirus treatment.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has just declared the outbreak of the Coronavirus as a global health emergency. Latest news from WHO are reported on their webpage here. Many Malaysians are scared, and a lot of fake news starts to spread in social media. The Malaysian Ministry of Health reported on February 2nd, 2020 that they are eight known cases of infected people in Malaysia. The New Strait Times correctly stated that number (New Strait Times: Coronavirus cases in Malaysia remain at 8). Get the latest news and statistics here “Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) – Maklumat Terkini”

We do not want to scare you more but share with you the excellent news that Malaysian insurance companies are reacting and acting in favour of Malaysians. AXA Affin Life is one of the first Malaysian companies to extend their protection for the Coronavirus to all AXA Affin Life policyholders. If you have a standalone like the Axa Affin eMedic, then you are in luck, because not only do you have a cheap medical card, your treatment in case the Coronavirus happened is covered.

Many insurance companies do not protect diseases like the Coronavirus that threatens Malaysians. Somewhere hidden in the Terms & Condition, you will find in the list of exclusions a sentence like “… and any communicable diseases required to be quarantine by law.” This sentence means that insurance companies will not pay for any cost of treatment or hospitalization for a disease like the Coronavirus.

AXA eMedic Key Benefits

  • Fully covers treatment for Coronavirus 

  • Starting from as low as RM 37 per month

  • Cashless Admission to over 100 medical centers and hospitals in Malaysia

  • and much more

Malaysia's Top Medical Card - AXA eMedic

Standalone medical card that covers Coronavirus treatment

AXA Affin Life is one of the first companies that have reacted to the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus from China and has waived that restriction. Malaysian company AXA Affin Life announced on January 30th, 2020 through their webpage and Instagram the excellent news.

Axa Life extends protection to Coronavirus treatment

If you have bought a flight to China and plan to cancel it, check if you have travel insurance. AXA also confirmed that if you have bought your travel insurance before January 23rd, 2020, then you can be eligable to get a refund. Check with your agent or directly with AXA

You do not have an AXA medical insurance like eMedic? Stay tuned; we are checking with the other insurance companies to find out if they also waive their exclusion and cover the expenses for the Coronavirus. Find below the reponses we have received from the insurance companies.