AXA’s newly launched product covers medical, critical illnesses (heart disease, cancer etc) and life insurance.

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. With the pandemic, some of us needing medical attention and some of us losing our loved ones, this year has truly been an eye-opener. Safeguard yourself and your family from unfortunate events by purchasing insurance. Sleep better at night knowing that your family is taken care of financially in the future.


AXA has unveiled a new product called AXA eCombo! It’s got you Belanja

Introducting AXA eCombo = Medical + Critical + Life

AXA eCombo consists of the three insurance policies that you need the most:

  • AXA eMedic – Medical Insurance
  • AXA eCritical Early Care – Critical Illnesses Coverage
  • and AXA eLife Protector+ – Life Insurance

This combo is best suited for a young family that is starting to buy insurance.  An insurance policy is an important source of financial stability in case of any uncertainty in the near future. To explain the benefits, here is an example.


Case in point: Mark, 31 year old with family and house

Meet Mark, a 31-year-old family man with a lovely little girl. They have just purchased their 2 story family home secured with a housing loan. Recently, Mark got diagnosed with COVID-19 in a critical state. Fortunately, Mark was able to make a full recovery. But this got Mark thinking to plan for the future. What insurance should he buy?


What insurance should a young family buy?

Mark feels that even though the government hospitals are free, he would like to have the option to go for private hospitals for his family, because of the shorter waiting period. He heard of cases, where critical medical equipment has a long waiting at a government hospital.

Medical insurance gives access to private hospitals

While Mark was critically sick at the hospital, his office only allotted him a week’s sick leave, while Mark was admitted for 29 days. His wife had to borrow money to pay for daily expenses such as food and transport. Mark would like to get money when he is sick and not able to work.

Critical Illness insurance provides extra money for extra treatment and daily expenses

Mark feels it’s necessary to safeguard his fragile family against the financial strain of paying off a loan. He worries that when he dies in an unfortunate accident, his loan cannot be paid anymore. His wife and kid will have to move out of the house.

Life insurance can pay for outstanding loans

Mark now wants to protect himself and his family against those possible events.

How can AXA eCombo help?

To address Mark’s worry and protect himself and his family from those unfortunate events. AXA eCombo provides full protection.

  1. AXA eCombo is a full Medical Card
  2. AXA eCombo is a Critical Illness insurance
  3. AXA eCombo is a Life Insurance

AXA now covers all three aspects with AXA eMedic, AXA eCritical & AXA eLife Protector+ combined as AXA eCombo. Now for as low as RM71 per month, Marks sleeps comfortably at night knowing that his family will be taken care of. Read more details below.

AXA’s Medical – Get the fast lane to treatment

Medical Insurance will guarantee you access to private hospitals with lower waiting times and with a more preferential treatment than government hospitals. Here are the benefits of AXA eCombo:

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AXA’s Critical Early Care – Get extra cash for extra treatment

Critical Illnesses don’t knock doors, they come uninvited. Protect your family against 50 critical illnesses that require expensive treatment not covered by regular medical insurance. Get additional money to support your family during long hospital stays. Here are the benefits of AXA eCombo:


iBanding tip: Only need Medical Insurance? Save 5% when you buy your insurance annually.

AXA’s Life Protection – Secure your family financially

We hate to admit it but there is always the risk of death (heart disease, cancer etc). Ensure your family’s financial security with life insurance such as eLife Protector. With a lump sum payout that can be used to pay off housing loans and any debts, etc.

iBanding tip: Only need Medical Insurance? Save 5% when you buy your insurance annually.