Kuala Lumpur (Oct 6): Allianz Malaysia Bhd‘s life insurance subsidiary – Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd. has launched its new 3H Cover today.

Aimed to address the growing and a major concern of the public, the 3H Cover offers a lifeline to those experiencing the “3 Highs” – high cholesterol, high blood pressure or a high Body Mass Index (BMI).

“Up until now, it wasn’t easy to get insurance coverage if you had pre-existing conditions such as the “3 highs” as there is a chance you will be turned down outright by insurers,”said Mr. Joseph Gross,  Allianz Life Chief Executive Officer.

“We want to give Malaysians out there a second lease of life, and more importantly, much deserved protection,” added Gross.

According to Allianz Chief Sales Officer Mr. Ong Pin Hean, long hours of work, stress, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise have resulted in 63% of Malaysian adults suffering from at least one of the “3 Highs”.

Allianz 3H Cover is offered to anyone between the age of 20-60, including those suffering from any of the “3 highs”, with a guaranteed renewal up to the age of 85.

The plan offers a lump sum of up to RM200,000 for death, total and permanent disability, as well as 4 critical illnesses coverage of up to RM200,000, namely stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and cancer.

As an added incentive, Allianz 3H Cover  also offers a Complimentary Added Coverage where customers will receive a 50 percent increase in their death and TPD coverage and the ability to upgrade their critical illness plan to the full, comprehensive 36 critical illness plan if their “3 Highs” are back to normal.

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