About us


Established in October 2016, iBanding comprises a team of members with over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry. We have realized that there is a lack in awareness and knowledge of having proper insurance for the individual and their loved ones.  We have decided to come together with the intention to create a platform for Malaysian to get independent information and get educated about insurance. Since October 2016, iBanding is registered as iBanding Services Sdn Bhd (1203953-T).

Aside from this, we intend to create a transparent overview of the insurance industry, by allowing customers to provide feedback about their insurance agents and companies. This will help Malaysians to make informed decisions in choosing the right product and company for themselves. For this purpose, we have introduced Malaysia’s first motor insurance award. Malaysian motor vehicle owners can now rate their insurance agent and company and express their opinion.

iBanding is an independent and knowledge-based website which acts without favour. We are not influenced by external parties, accepting no sponsorship or monetary support, which could alter ratings of insurance agents or companies. We put consumers at the centre of our work to empower Malaysians to get the best insurance deals.


Our Vision is to …

Make Malaysia a better place by empowering Malaysians to find and choose the right insurance at the best price.


We want to contribute in making Malaysia a better place. We will do this by making Malaysian customers our top priority and provide help to find the right insurance agent and advice how to choose the right insurance product.

We want to establish Malaysia’s first 5-star rating system for agents and insurance companies, so that Malaysians can find the best for them. Customers can publicly share their experience about agents and companies, so that bad agents and bad insurance companies can be avoided. We will continue to provide Malayisans with independent and understandable insurance knowledge, so that they are confident in choosing the right insurance.


Our Mission is to …

Provide Valuable, Independent and People Driven information to Malaysians and to help in informed decision-making. We commit to deliver a ratings system that benefits the consumer with honesty and integrity for a better insurance market place for Malaysians.

We want to improve transparency in Malaysia to help customers make informed decisions on their insurance, that is our main objective and what drives us. To achieve this, we commit to provide easy access to information that is:

Valuable –  We provide information that helps you save money or get better service for the same price.

Independent – We are not associated with any insurance company and we do not earn commission nor offer preference to any entity including the Malaysian government. We accept no payment from any party to influence our findings. We provide only factual and truthful information to the Malaysian public.

People-driven – We aim to reach out to as many people as possible in order to build a strong ratings mechanism via their feedback. We understand that every individual’s insurance needs are different, therefore we do not depend on experts, instead we depend on valuable responses from individuals.


Our office is located at

iBanding Services Sdn Bhd (1203953-T)
MAGIC CWS Block 3730
Persiaran APEC, Cyberjaya
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor