Today, the internet is allowing us to search for medical insurance from multiple trusted sources. You can check on the company website, blogs, and newspapers. While it has helped in finding lots of information on medical insurance, it has also become time-consuming when comparing prices and medical plans. There’s just too many websites to refer to.

If you are looking for a medical insurance plan without having to hunt and gather information on your own, use iBanding medical insurance tool.

If you’re not sure how to use the tool, here’s an easy-to-follow guide to using the tool.


1. Go to

medical insurance comparison tool

With iBanding medical insurance tool, there’s no registration required. All you need to do is key in your current age, gender and click the search button.

Your current age and gender will tell the tool to find the right prices for each insurance plan. Keep in mind that the insurance price will depend on your age and gender. So the older you are the more expensive the insurance.  

iBanding medical insurance tool will only compare standalone medical insurance. Which means It will only compare medical plans that are not tied to a life insurance.

The tool compares medical plans from over 10 insurance companies in Malaysia.

Once you click on the search button, the tool will immediately show a list. The tool will show the price per year, room and board, annual limit, lifetime limit, co-insurance, and deductibles.


find the best medical insurance


Select and View Plan Details

compare and select medical insurance plans

When you click on More Details, the tool will show the medical plans. It gets easier because the tool allows you to view all the medical plans from different insurance companies all in one screen.

What’s neat is that you can also see ratings and reviews from other customers to get an idea of what other people thought of the insurance company. This is important because when you get sick or have an accident, the insurance company will pay for your expenses. Companies with bad service will make it difficult to get your medical expenses paid.

If you want to compare prices and plans by the same insurance company, you can do that too.

Click on Plan Details and the tool will pull out even more details for a particular product.  


selected medical plan details

If you think you’ve found the right plan, you have a choice to connect with an agent by clicking Find Agent.


find an agent

iBanding’s agent directory is beneficial to you as it is contains useful information for you to understand more about the agent that you’re looking at.

It provides a sense of clarity because the directory includes information such as the name of the agent, the type of insurance they specialize in, the insurance companies they represent and most importantly – feedback from actual customers about their service.


2. Refine Your Search

You can further refine your search based on price per year and minimum annual limit. You can also refine your search based on co-insurance, deductibles, and lifetime limit.

Change Annual Limit

By default, the tool will show you insurance plans from the lowest price to the highest according to your age and gender. You may see that some annual limits are lower than others even when the price is much more expensive.

For example, if the annual limit for the first plan is RM 240,000, while the second plan is RM 50,000, it might be worth while to consider the first plan because the price difference is only RM18.53 per year.

filter and edit medical plan

Annual Limit is the maximum amount that the insurance company will pay out for any claims in one year. This limit will reset every year.


Co-Insurance and Deductible

By default, the tool will show you an insurance plan that does not have any co-insurance or deductible. This is best because when you are sick you don’t pay anything additional. But this also means that the insurance can cost more.

 To see if there is a cheaper plan with Co-Insurance or Deductible, then click on “Yes” and you will only see plans that have co-insurance or deductible.


Lifetime Limit

By default, the tool will show all plans with lifetime limits. So, with the same example, you can see that the first plan has a lifetime limit of RM 1,200,000 and the second plan only has RM 200,000. There’s really not much difference in price. It is less than RM20 per year. But the first plan offers RM1 million more Lifetime Limit then the second one.

plans with lifetime limits

A Lifetime Limit is a maximum amount that the insurance company will pay out for any claims you make within the entire policy life, including renewal years. Should your medical costs become higher than the lifetime limit, you will need to pay for the additional cost yourself.

This limit will not reset like an Annual Limit.

That’s it. An easy-to-follow guide on how to use iBanding medical insurance tool. In our efforts to help Malaysians enhance search and compare medical insurance, we hope that the tool allows consumers to save time, make informed decisions and get covered with the right medical plan.