Are you a women driver in Malaysia who is looking for a suitable car insurance plan to protect your car? In this article, we explain the special women car insurance from Berjaya Sompo.

Studies have revealed that women are much safer drivers compared to men. According to The New York Times, men drivers are twice as likely to get into any fatal road accidents compared to women drivers. Even though this is good news for all women drivers out there, many insurance companies in Malaysia charge the same price. You would expect that car insurance for women are cheaper, because insurance companies pay less for accidents.

Berjaya Sompo is now offering the SOMPO MotorNow insurance plan for women drivers out there with a special discount. Women drivers will be eligible for a 15% discount when they renew or sign up for a SOMPO MotorNow insurance plan.

What Benefit Do Women Drivers Get?

Women drivers will enjoy a special 5% discount for their insurance policy on top of their Non Claims Discount (NCD). This means that women drivers can exclusively enjoy all the benefits offered by SOMPO MotorNow in addition to the extra 5% discount.

If you renew online you will get a 10% online discount. This means that women drivers who renew online will get a total of 15% discount on their car insurance policy.

Here is an overview :

What is Sompo MotorNow ?

SOMPO MotorNow provides complete coverage for your car against any type of damage or loss (own or third-party), as well as protection against legal liabilities for injury, death, and property damage to third parties. This women car insurance also comes with benefits like

  • You get 10% online discount
  • You only need to pay for the coverage you need. No more, no less
  • You get free coverage for all drivers without the need of driver nomination
  • Fast claim approval and direct settlement of up to RM5000

Is SOMPO MotorNow Better For Women ?

Yes. SOMPO MotorNow is among the few car insurances specific for women in Malaysia. You can not only enjoy all the basic benefits offered by the company but you also enjoy exclusive discount of 5%. In total women drivers will be eligible for a 15% discount which includes the 10% online discount and 5% exclusive women discount.