Do you need to renew your motor insurance? Having a motor insurance is completely mandatory for all drivers in Malaysia. Without motor insurance, you won’t be able to renew your road tax through the Road Transport Department (JPJ). Without a road tax, you won’t be allowed to drive on Malaysian roads. If you get caught, you can get fined up to RM3,000. If you are looking on getting cheaper motor insurance, this article is for you. Save money now by choosing SOMPO MotorNow from Berjaya Sompo. You get 10% discount when you renew online. If you are a female driver you get an additional 5% discount for a total of 15% on motor insurance. Find out how.

What is SOMPO MotorNow?

SOMPO MotorNow is a new and special comprehensive motor insurance plan for your car. SOMPO MotorNow protects you against any form of damage or loss (own or third-party) in addition to protection from third-party injury, death, and property damage.

Who is SOMPO MotorNow for?

SOMPO MotorNow is available to all car owners who meet the following requirements:

  • Your age is above 26 years old and your vehicle is for private use only.
  • You made not more than 1 claim in the last 3 years.
  • Your car insurance is not more than 2 months away from the expiry date.
  • Your car is not any of the below:
    • Toyota Hilux
    • Mitsubishi Triton
    • Nissan Navara
    • All Ferrari Models
    • All Lamborghini Models
    • Audi A6, Audi A5
    • Volkswagen Scirocco & Volkswagen CC

How Can I Get The 15% Discount?

As announced in a previous article, women drivers will enjoy a special 5% discount for their insurance policy. If you renew online you will get another 10% online discount. This means that women drivers who renew online will get a total of 15% discount on their car insurance policy.

The table shows an overview of the discount available to male and female customers:

SOMPO MotorNowWoman Driver Male Driver
10% Online DiscountYESYES
5% Women DiscountYESNo
TOTAL Discount15% 10%

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Are there any add-ons for SOMPO MotorNow?

Yes, there are several add-ons that you can purchase by paying an additional price.
The add-ons that you can choose include:

  • Cover for Windscreens, Windows and Sunroof

  • Legal Liability to Passengers

  • Separate Cover for Accessories Fixed to Your Car

  • Current Year “NCD” Relief

  • Waiver of Betterment (vehicle age up to 15 years)

  • Inclusion of Special Perils

  • Unlimited Towing Costs

  • Private Hire Car – for vehicles used for e-hailing services

Why Choose SOMPO MotorNow?

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose SOMPO MotorNow:

  1. 0% Interest Instalment Plan
    You have a choice of 6 months or 12 months with 0% interest instalment plans for credit cards issued by Maybank, CIMB Bank & Public Bank that have a minimum payment amount of RM600.
  2. Pay Less For Your Car Insurance
    You only pay for the insurance coverage you need. No more, no less.
  3. Free Coverage for All Drivers
    All authorised drivers are automatically covered and no nomination of drivers is required from you.
  4. Renew Your Car Insurance Online Instantly With JPJ Status Update
    You will get instant car insurance renewal and connected to JPJ for your subsequent road tax renewal.
  5. Choose Your Car Insurance Excess
    The higher the excess amount you choose to self-pay, the lower premium for your car insurance.
  6. Fast Car Insurance Claim Approval & Direct Settlement of up to RM5,000
    You will get your car insurance claim reimbursements within 1 hour.

Conclusion: Should you get SOMPO MotorNow?

The simple answer is, yes !
It is definitely worth getting SOMPO MotorNow simply because:

  • You get 10% discount if you renew online

  • You get an additional 5% discount if you are a female driver

  • You get many add-on protections to choose from

  • You get coverage for all drivers
    (providing no compulsory excess is applicable)

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